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30 June: Dutch role model ad ban

The Netherlands will prohibit the use of role models in gambling promotions beginning on June 30, marking the latest crackdown on advertisements in the new sector.

The regulator reminded gaming operators and advertising agencies of the impending introduction of the new restrictions by sending them letters.

Once the harsher regulations go into effect, the KSA says it will monitor operators' compliance with the restriction and threaten punishment if the new regulations are not followed.

In February, the KSA issued warnings to operators on advertisements directed at young people, after discovering that three operators intended to promote on platforms predominantly utilised by children and adolescents.

As a result of the opening of the Dutch regulated igaming market in October of last year, gaming marketing in the nation are being reevaluated. In January, the KSA warned of a crackdown on advertisements, and in March, the Dutch minister for legal protection, Franc Weerwind, pledged to implement harsher advertising restrictions, referencing the prohibition on role models explicitly.


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