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Malta Gaming Authority Takes Stringent Action: Super7Plus License Cancellation Follows Recent Trend

In a continuation of a recent trend, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has canceled the license of online gambling operator Super7Plus, marking the fifth such cancellation in the past two weeks. This move comes as part of the MGA's assertive approach in ensuring regulatory compliance within the online gambling sector.

Malta Gaming Authority Takes Stringent Action: Super7Plus License Cancellation Follows Recent Trend

Super7Plus, operating under its website with a Malta license, received the cancellation notice on January 17. The MGA has directed the operator to halt all activities associated with the license and settle any outstanding fees owed to the regulator within a strict five-day period post-cancellation notice.

In addition to settling financial obligations, Super7Plus must facilitate player access to their accounts for the withdrawal of remaining funds. The operator is also mandated to provide detailed evidence of these refunds through transaction reports. Furthermore, Super7Plus is required to remove any references to its now-canceled Malta license from all of its websites.

The MGA, known for its strict enforcement of regulations, has not publicly disclosed the specific reasons behind the license cancellation. However, the authority is providing operators with clear post-cancellation directives, reinforcing its commitment to upholding licensing conditions.

Super7Plus, like other operators facing similar actions, retains the option to appeal the MGA's decision, although compliance with the stipulated post-cancellation measures is mandatory.

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This recent cancellation follows a pattern where the MGA has taken stringent action against operators found in breach of regulatory standards. In the past two weeks, Winners Malta Operations, Genesis Global, Rush Gaming, and Betago have all faced license cancellations or suspensions.

The MGA's proactive approach in holding operators accountable for compliance issues indicates a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the licensing framework and safeguarding the interests of players and the industry as a whole.

The series of recent license cancellations by the Malta Gaming Authority reflects a commitment to stringent regulatory enforcement within the online gambling sector. Super7Plus, along with other operators, is expected to adhere to the post-cancellation directives, underscoring the MGA's dedication to upholding regulatory standards and fostering a secure and transparent online gambling environment.



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