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Anjouan: The Emerging Player in Online Gambling Licensing Jurisdictions

The landscape of online gambling licensing jurisdictions catering to operators targeting pre-regulated markets is currently undergoing a significant transformation, prompting speculation about the potential rise of the island of Anjouan as a new industry favourite.

Anjouan: The Emerging Player in Online Gambling Licensing Jurisdictions

For years, Curacao has stood as a favoured jurisdiction for grey market operators. However, recent developments signal changes on the Caribbean island. Driven by increasingly stringent global compliance standards and regulatory pressure from the Netherlands, Curacao is in the process of implementing new online gambling licensing laws that will effectively dismantle the old Master and Sub-License model by the month's end.

While Curacao's efforts to enhance regulatory standards are commendable and may position it as a competitor to established jurisdictions like Malta and the Isle of Man, it's evident that not all operators aspire to operate within Tier 1 jurisdictions.

For many operators, particularly smaller brands, start-ups, and innovators exploring new concepts, the time, cost, and effort associated with obtaining a Tier 1 license may be prohibitive. Consequently, attention has turned towards Anjouan, an island located in the southwestern Indian Ocean and part of the Union of the Comoros.

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Anjouan has been actively capitalizing on the shifting dynamics in Curacao and beyond, reportedly granting over 100 licenses in recent months, with more in the pipeline. Notably, the jurisdiction offers the convenience of remote application processing, eliminating the need for physical presence on the island.

However, the value of an online gambling license, much like crypto altcoins, lies not solely in its acquisition but in the opportunities it affords. Anjouan claims that its license holds comparable weight to that of Curacao, potentially facilitating acceptance by gaming providers. Yet, challenges related to banking and payment service provider relationships may persist.

Despite these uncertainties, operators familiar with Curacao's regulatory environment may find Anjouan an attractive alternative. However, questions remain regarding the island's regulatory stability and long-term viability in the face of global regulatory pressures.

Nonetheless, Anjouan appears to be carving out a reputation as a favourable start-up or lower-tier jurisdiction. With minimal license fees, expedited processing times, and no gaming tax, Anjouan presents an enticing financial proposition for operators eyeing pre-regulated markets.

As the regulated online gambling world evolves, operators may increasingly find themselves at a crossroads, choosing between Tier 1 jurisdictions and lower-tier options like Anjouan. Ultimately, the decision hinges on individual business models and available resources, with some operators opting to start at a lower tier and potentially transition to higher tiers as their business grows. With the industry poised for further segmentation, Anjouan's emergence underscores the diverse strategies employed by operators to navigate regulatory complexities and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.



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