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UBS Faces Critical Verdict: France's Top Court to Rule on Tax Evasion Appeal

France's highest court is set to deliver its verdict on November 15 regarding UBS's appeal against its conviction in a high-profile tax evasion case, which resulted in a hefty 1.8 billion-euro ($1.90 billion) penalty for the Swiss banking giant. Patrice Spinosi, the lawyer representing UBS, announced this development on Wednesday.

UBS Faces Critical Verdict: France's Top Court to Rule on Tax Evasion Appeal

This pivotal appeal to the apex judicial authority in France is UBS's final opportunity to challenge aspects or the entirety of a 2021 judgment that found the bank guilty of both promoting illegal banking services and engaging in money laundering within the country.

The staggering 1.8 billion-euro fine levied against UBS was a significant reduction from the initial penalty of 4.5 billion euros imposed on the bank following an initial trial in 2019.

UBS was initially charged with soliciting clients unlawfully during sporting events and social gatherings in France, as well as laundering funds derived from tax evasion. At the time, the bank had hoped that the Paris appeals court would dismiss these charges.

The upcoming decision by France's top court will focus on evaluating whether the Paris appeals court's ruling aligns with the legal framework, rather than reexamining the factual basis that led to its previous decision.

Should the top court decide to overturn some or all of the charges against UBS, it would necessitate a fresh trial to determine the bank's legal culpability in this complex and closely-watched case.



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