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UAE's Removal from FATF Grey List

This is a detailed report on various developments related to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), particularly concerning the status of countries on its watchlist and related actions.

UAE's Removal from FATF Grey List

Here's a summary:

  • UAE's Removal from FATF Grey List: The UAE has been removed from FATF's "grey" watchlist, signifying its compliance with rigorous new protocols to combat money laundering and terrorism financing.

  • Other Countries Removed and Added: Alongside the UAE, Barbados, Gibraltar, and Uganda were also removed from the list. However, Kenya and Namibia were added to the grey list due to inadequate measures against money laundering and terrorism financing.

  • UAE's Efforts and Reaction: The UAE's successful removal from the list was attributed to significant efforts by relevant ministries and entities. The UAE's leadership expressed commitment to strengthening its status as a global economic hub.


  • Impact on Kenya and Namibia: Kenya acknowledged its addition to the grey list but claimed minimal effects on its financial stability. Namibia expressed concerns about potential negative impacts on foreign direct investment.

  • Reasons for Kenya's Grey Listing: Kenya faces risks from terrorism financing, particularly from groups like al Shabaab. Additionally, concerns about cryptocurrency-related risks were raised.

  • Significance for UAE: The delisting of the UAE is seen as a significant achievement that could enhance confidence among investors and reduce costs for financial institutions.

  • EU's Perspective: Despite FATF's decision, the EU still considers the UAE a high-risk country for money laundering and terrorism financing.

  • Criticism and Response: Some critics argue that the FATF's decision-making process lacks transparency and effectiveness. However, officials from the UAE emphasized their commitment to global financial integrity.

  • Future Measures and Competition Among Gulf States: The UAE aims to continue strengthening its anti-money laundering measures amid increasing competition among Gulf states to attract foreign investment.

  • Ukraine's Criticism of FATF's Approach to Russia: Ukraine condemned FATF's reluctance to blacklist Russia despite evidence of its violations, particularly concerning arms trade with sanctioned states like Iran and North Korea.

  • Calls for Stronger Action Against Russia: Ukraine called for stronger measures against Russia, including placing it on the blacklist and implementing national high-risk jurisdiction lists.

Overall, the report highlights the shifting dynamics of global financial regulation and the challenges faced by both countries and international bodies like FATF in combating illicit financial activities.


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