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The World's Richest Female Billionaires

The world's wealthiest women are incredibly diversified. Some were born into affluent households, while others amassed fortunes independently.

Both the "Forbes List of Billionaires" and the "Bloomberg Billionaire Index" provide regular information on the five hundred wealthiest men and women in the world. This November is no exception, as both sources have produced a list of real-time billionaires, and women are climbing the ranks.

The wealthiest women in the world in 2022

The world's current female billionaires come from diverse origins, countries, cultures, and ways of life. However, they have collected a staggering $1.56 trillion in economic resources, capital, and assets collectively.

Francoise Bettencourt-Meyer, who inherited the L'Oréal corporation upon Liliane Bettencourt's death in 1982, is the world's richest woman billionaire. Currently, her wealth has reached $74.8 billion dollars.

Rihanna, an American singer and self-made billionaire currently worth $1.4 billion, is the youngest person on the Forbes 2022 list. The oldest person is 92-year-old Ana Maria Brescia Cafferata, who is worth $1.5 billion and has a net worth of $1.2 billion.

There are, however, twenty-four other highly affluent women on the full list.

Female billionaires according to rank

As stated previously, Francoise Bettencourt-Meyer begins the race in the number one position.

The cosmetics heiress is closely followed by the daughter of Walmart's founder, Sam Walton, Alice Walton. According to Forbes, this is an astounding amount, up $3.5 billion from the prior year.

Next is Julia Koch, who has a net worth of $60,1 billion after inherited her fortune from her husband, David Koch. Jacqueline Mars, the owner of one-third of the Mars Incorporated candy empire, ranks fourth with $39.1 billion.

In fifth place is Miriam Adelson, the ex-wife of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. She inherited roughly half of the Las Vegas Sands upon his passing, which provided her with great authority and the financial means to invest in new resorts.

Gina Rinehart ($27.8 billion), Mackenzie Scott ($27.7 billion), Susanne Klatten ($24.5 billion), Abigail Johnson ($21.5 billion), and Iris Fontbona ($19.0 billion) are the next five richest women in the world. CEO World Magazine gave the entire updated list only lately.

Ranking global riches

How does the ranking of global wealth work? Forbes notes on its website that their process for "crunching the figures" involves taking into account "all forms of assets," "debt and charitable contributions," and "documents" provided by the relevant individuals. Forbes ranked Vicki Safra as the wealthiest Greek woman in the world earlier this year.

Bloomberg calculates its billionaire's index every day based on net wealth. Their website states that their index is a:

…dynamic measure of personal wealth based on changes in markets, the economy and Bloomberg reporting. Each net worth figure is updated every business day after the closing of trading in New York. Stakes in publicly traded companies are valued using the share’s most recent closing price. Valuations are converted to U.S. dollars at current exchange rates… When ownership of closely held assets cannot be verified, they aren’t included in the calculations.



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