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Red warning is issued by INTERPOL for an alleged Wirecard fraudster

A former senior executive of Wirecard has received a red alert from the international law enforcement agency INTERPOL after being charged with fabricating accounts and criminal breach of trust in connection with the now-defunct payments processor.

According to a statement from the Singapore Police Force, former vice president of controlling and finance at Wirecard Asia Holding (WAH), Edo Kurniawan, is now on a red alert.

The red warning comes after Mr. Kurniawan's recent arrest warrant was issued in Singapore, according to Finews Asia.

The charges against Mr. Kurniawan, according to a statement from INTERPOL, include criminal breach of trust, fabrication of accounts, transfer of proceeds from illegal activity, and profit from criminal activity.

See Lee Wee, James Aga Wardhana, Chai Ai Lim, and Henry Yeo Chiew Hai, four former Wirecard workers and a business owner in Singapore, were charged with criminal breach of trust last month after they were allegedly involved in a scheme with Mr. Kurniawan to steal between S$41,200 (€29K) and S$100,000 (€71K) in WAH funds between May and December 2018.

Additionally, Mr. Yeo Chiew and Mr. Wardhana are accused of forging invoices from Jacobson Fareast Marketing Services (JFMS) to WAH totaling S$184,870.

The suspect had been "transferring most of the misappropriated amount to other individuals," according to a statement from the Singapore Police Force.

In 2020, the German firm Wirecard declared bankruptcy after confessing that $2.1BN (€2BN) from their accounts was gone.

German authorities eventually filed charges against top management, including former CEO Markus Braun, for market manipulation, embezzlement, and commercial fraud.

Jan Marsalek, the former CEO of Wirecard, is also included on INTERPOL's "red notice" list for violating the German Securities Act and Securities Trading Act, as well as for fraud and criminal breach of trust.


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