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Latvia Implements Eviction Measures for Russians Violating Residency Requirements

The Latvian government has initiated the enforcement of eviction procedures for Russian residents who have failed to adhere to the country's residency requirements, compelling them to leave Latvia. The regulatory mandate mandated that Russians residing in Latvia must formalize their residency status by a specific deadline, submitting the necessary documentation. However, a significant number failed to comply, prompting Latvia to take decisive measures.

Latvia Implements Eviction Measures for Russians Violating Residency Requirements

Maira Roze, Chief of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, outlined the process, stating that after issuing notification letters, the agency shares pertinent information with the State Border Guard. The State Border Guard then conducts checks on the last declared residence of non-compliant Russians to verify their current location. Individuals found at their last declared residence without meeting residency requirements will be served with expulsion orders, requiring them to vacate Latvia.

A similar procedural timeline is set for April, focusing on Russians who attempted but failed the Latvian language test. This group will be given the option to apply for a two-year temporary residence permit, allowing them to take the language test at a later date.


Despite an estimated 2,500 Russians failing to submit required documents within the stipulated deadline, authorities emphasize that there is still a grace period for compliance, enabling individuals to secure legal residency in Latvia. Chairman of the Citizenship, Migration, and Social Cohesion Committee of the Saeima, Gunārs Kūtris, clarified that the forced expulsion of Russians is not imminent. He noted the unknown number of individuals falling into this category and emphasized that the expulsion process will be conducted gradually.

The absence of border controls between Latvia and neighboring countries has introduced a level of uncertainty regarding the accurate count of Russians in Latvia. Responding to this, Latvia's Minister of Interior, Rihards Kozlovskis, has not ruled out the possibility of implementing internal border checks to more effectively monitor the movement of Russians within the country.


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