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France Simplifies Residence Permit Renewal Procedures for Foreigners

Starting July 15, 2024, the French authorities will implement a streamlined procedure for foreigners seeking to renew their residence permit application receipts. This new process will allow individuals to request the renewal online through a form available on the State Services website.

France Simplifies Residence Permit Renewal Procedures for Foreigners

Though further details are yet to be revealed, the renewal application process will be simplified. The authorities have announced that the link to this new form will be accessible once the new rules take effect.

"As of July 15, 2024, a new procedure will be posted on the website to allow you to request the renewal of your residence permit application receipt. The old link that allowed you to perform this same procedure will no longer be accessible from this same date. Instead, a link to simplified procedures will be displayed to you," stated the State Services in Cantal.

A residence permit receipt is an important document for foreigners in France, indicating that they have applied for or renewed their residence permit at their prefecture. This receipt allows them to legally reside in the country while their application is being processed.

Holders of this receipt enjoy the same rights and privileges as those with a residence permit during the review period of their application. In many cases, these individuals are also permitted to work before their official residence permit is issued.

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"The receipt is a document proving the registration of your residence permit application to the prefecture (or sub-prefecture) of your home. It allows you to stay in France for the duration it specifies," according to France’s Service-Public website.

Typically, the receipt is valid for four to six months, during which time the prefecture reviews the residence permit application. However, if the volume of applications is high, this process can take longer than six months. In such scenarios, receipt holders can apply for a renewal, extending the receipt's validity for up to three additional months.

Receipts are also issued to those whose residence permits have expired and are undergoing renewal. This group of foreigners receives a receipt valid for three months while their new residence permit is being processed.



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