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US Department of State Sanctions Intellexa Consortium and Tal Dilian Over Predator Spyware Export

The US Department of State has accused a company of engaging in the development, operation, and sale of illegal software, as well as exporting it to authoritarian regimes worldwide.

US Department of State Sanctions Intellexa Consortium and Tal Dilian Over Predator Spyware Export

The US Department of Finance has imposed significant financial measures against Tal Dilian, the founder of Intellexa, along with Alexandra Hamou, the Greek Intellexa, and four other legal entities in connection with the Predator scandal.

According to the ministry's statement, the company in question developed and sold spyware technology that targeted American citizens and was also exported to authoritarian regimes across the globe.

The announcement provides detailed information on the sanctions imposed on seven individuals and entities:

  • Tal Jonathan Dilian, the founder of the Intellexa Consortium, who is described as the architect behind the spyware. The consortium comprises various companies controlled by Dilian, including through Alexandra Hamou.

  • Sara Alexandra Hamou, an executive and offshore specialist who provided services to the Intellexa Consortium. She played a central role in several affiliated companies.

  • Intellexa SA, a Greece-based company involved in spyware development and accused of exporting malware to authoritarian regimes.

  • Intellexa Limited, an Ireland-based company acting as a technology reseller within the consortium.

  • Cytrox AD, a North Macedonia-based company responsible for manufacturing the Predator spyware.

  • Cytrox Holdings Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag (Cytrox Holdings ZRT), a Hungary-based company involved in Predator production.

  • Thalestris Limited, an Ireland-based company holding distribution rights for Predator and serving as a holding entity for the consortium.


The announcement highlights the following:

  • Since its establishment in 2019, the Intellexa Consortium has collaborated with aggressive companies marketing spyware and tracking tools globally.

  • The consortium boasts a global customer base.

  • The Predator spyware, developed by foreign agencies, has been utilized to track US government officials, journalists, and others.

The detailed press release of the U.S. Department of the Treasury can be found here.

These actions by the US government underscore its efforts to address the proliferation of illegal spyware and protect individuals' privacy rights.



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