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Unlocking Borders: Moldova-EU Visa Liberalization Celebrates Decade of Freedom and Opportunity

The recent commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the visa liberalization regime between Moldova and the European Union signifies a decade of transformative change and enhanced opportunities for Moldovan citizens. Over the past ten years, Moldovans have seized the newfound freedom to travel visa-free to EU countries, embarking on an impressive total of 2,156,882 trips. This statistic translates to an average of 31,248,082 trips per person, underscoring the profound impact of visa liberalization on facilitating cross-border mobility.

Unlocking Borders: Moldova-EU Visa Liberalization Celebrates Decade of Freedom and Opportunity

The economic implications of visa liberalization are equally significant, with Moldovan citizens estimated to have saved at least €270 million in visa fees. This substantial sum reflects not only the financial burden lifted off travelers but also the broader economic benefits derived from increased tourism and business opportunities between Moldova and EU member states.

The European Union has hailed the visa liberalization regime as a catalyst for enriching cultural, economic, and social exchanges. According to EU officials, the policy shift has opened up new avenues for educational pursuits, tourism, and entrepreneurial endeavors, fostering closer ties between Moldova and the EU.

Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Cristina Gerasimov, emphasized the generational impact of visa liberalization, noting that many young Moldovans have grown up in a world where the concept of obtaining visas for EU travel is foreign. Gerasimov highlighted the significant benefits reaped by Moldovan citizens, particularly in terms of educational opportunities and cross-border collaborations, which have been facilitated by the ease of travel.


President Maia Sandu echoed these sentiments, asserting Moldova's rightful place within the European family and advocating for EU membership as a means to further consolidate ties and ensure peace, prosperity, and democratic governance.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean underscored the sheer volume of crossings since 2014, with over 30 million trips made for various purposes, ranging from tourism to business ventures. Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu fondly recalled the historic significance of the first visa-free flight to Athens, symbolizing a new era of freedom and opportunity for Moldovan citizens.

Looking ahead, Moldova's Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated its commitment to maintaining the standards that underpin visa liberalization and implementing recommendations from European authorities. The anniversary of visa liberalization on April 28, 2014, serves as a poignant reminder of the progress made in Moldova-EU relations and the ongoing benefits of closer integration and cooperation.



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