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Uncertainty Surrounds Readiness of EES Mobile App: EU and UK Officials Express Concerns

The mobile application for the Entry/Exit System (EES), slated for implementation in October 2024, faces uncertainty regarding its readiness, according to reports. While EU officials assert confidence in meeting the deadline, concerns raised by UK counterparts suggest potential complications at EU-UK borders. Anitta Hipper, the EU Commission’s spokesperson for Home Affairs, assures that the app will be prepared in time for the EES launch, emphasizing its development for pre-registration of third-country nationals’ data. However, Nichola Mallon of Logistics UK expresses skepticism, citing insufficient time for comprehensive testing, projecting a potential delay until summer 2025.

Mallon underscores the necessity for thorough testing across diverse user groups and languages to ensure the app's efficacy. "For the app to be effective it needs to have been fully tested with all types of end-users and in all languages well before the start of operations," Mallon says.

The EES app is envisioned to streamline border crossings, alleviating anticipated congestion resulting from increased biometric requirements for non-EU citizens. Timely availability of the app would enable travelers to complete procedures online, circumventing lengthy border queues.

Moreover, the EU is concurrently developing an app for the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), scheduled for launch in mid-2025. Anitta Hipper indicates ongoing development efforts for the ETIAS app, with plans for a comprehensive communication campaign to inform the public about its functionalities and adoption.

In summary, the readiness of the EES app remains a subject of scrutiny, with potential implications for border operations. Collaboration between EU and UK authorities is crucial to address concerns and ensure the smooth implementation of digital border management tools.



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