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UEFA 2024 and Paris Olympic Games Expected to Set New EU Inbound Tourism Records

Europe is set to break all previous records this summer with inbound tourism showing a significant upward trend, largely due to UEFA 2024 in Germany and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in France.

UEFA 2024 and Paris Olympic Games Expected to Set New EU Inbound Tourism Records

According to a recent report from ForwardKeys, international arrivals to Europe in July and August this year are up by 12 percent over the global average of 11 percent.

This growth is primarily driven by intra-regional travel, which has increased by 10 percent compared to 2023, and a notable influx of visitors from long-haul markets, including an 11 percent increase from Asia Pacific and a 21 percent rise from the USA.

The fastest tourism growth has been recorded in Central and Eastern Europe, which experienced a delayed reactivation period due to the war in Ukraine. This summer, the region anticipates a significant 23 percent increase in tourist volumes compared to last year.

Northern Europe has also shown robust growth, recording a 12 percent increase compared to Southern EU destinations, which saw a 10 percent rise.

Urban destinations across Europe are seeing a revival in tourism. Munich, for example, is benefiting from major sporting events this summer, with a 37 percent increase in arrivals. Other cities showing significant growth include Vienna (23 percent), Edinburgh (19 percent), Madrid (16 percent), and Venice (16 percent).

Medium-length stays continue to dominate arrivals within the region, accounting for 63 percent, while short trips of one to three nights have shown the highest growth at 23 percent, making up 16 percent of all trips. Long trips of over two weeks have seen more modest growth at 5 percent.

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Events such as UEFA 2024, the Olympic Games, and Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour are driving high demand for travel to EU destinations. According to ForwardKeys data, arrivals in Germany have increased by 19 percent compared to the same period in 2023 due to the UEFA 2024 football tournament. The Olympic Games in Paris have also spurred higher travel demand compared to last year, with notable performance from markets like China (124 percent), Japan (57 percent), Germany (32 percent), and the USA (25 percent).

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour destinations have also shown significant increases in arrivals compared to concert dates versus the summer as a whole. Stockholm saw a 136 percent increase versus 15 percent, Warsaw had a 203 percent rise versus 31 percent, and London recorded a 45 percent increase versus 12 percent.



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