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Top 2022 EU Christmas Markets

If you have even the tiniest inkling of wanting to do something new for Christmas this year, we recommend you read this piece first, and by the conclusion, you will be booking a flight and packing your bags to offer yourself an unforgettable experience in one of these European countries.

Traveling in post-pandemic Europe has found a love for all Christmas markets, and to be honest, these destinations have really picked up their game this year.

The Christmas markets in Europe for 2022, according to European Best Destinations, are noticeably more romantic and richer this year, making this an amazing experience. However, if you are unable to tour all 27 nations in the bloc, seeing the local cities is an adventure in and of itself.

Veneto, Italy

No, this isn't a cookie-cutter option, but the destination is well worth it. Summertime in Venice can be difficult due to crowds and hot heat. However, travelling during the end-of-year holidays allows travellers to truly enjoy the charming city of Venice.

The city is illuminated by millions of shimmering lights that reflect on the seas, evoking memories of a magnificent place, and visiting Christmas markets (mercatini di Natale) will give you the feeling of the end-of-year holidays - the sensation of being ready for something new and big.

If you are a simple person who wants to keep the holiday really traditional, enjoy the food in the beautiful city, go shopping, or soak in Christmas hymns.

Italy, Govone

This place is more calmer than others, but that doesn't mean it's any less cheerful. This small town, in reality, has one of the best Christmas markets in the country.

Throughout the winter, the entire town of Govone changes into Santa Claus' enchanting land, along with a range of cultural and culinary attractions. The musical production hosted at the Savoy royal castle of Govone, on the other hand, is the centrepiece of this visit.

Germany, Nuremberg

This lovely Bavarian village doesn't have the biggest or brightest Christmas market in Germany. The town, on the other hand, helps you fall in love with its spectacular displays, attracting over two million people each year and nearly 200 vendors presenting their food.

The market council ensures that only traditional handcrafted toys and holiday goods are sold, promoting awareness of the country's traditions as well as sustainability (something we should all be committed to improve in 2023!)

If you don't have a taste of Glühwein or mulled wine, binge on gingerbread, try sweet roasted almonds or sausage - sampling of German cuisine at this time of year - it's not Christmas.

Germany, Trier

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Trier Christmas Market, which will once again be the most beautiful market in Germany.

The market's 95 stalls provide an ideal venue for family-friendly acts ranging from mediaeval puppet theatre to celebrity singers. This year's opening dates are November 18 through December 22.

France, Strasbourg

We chose this place because it ticks all the boxes: it is historic and modern, loving and adventurous, and, on top of that, it is recognised as the Capital of Christmas, where the Christmas village can also be found.

Over 300 wooden chalets may be found throughout the city, transforming it into an appealing setting. The city is also a strategic place because it is less than two hours away from Metz, which has one of the best Christmas markets in the country and is especially popular with locals.

If you want to enjoy a romantic getaway during the holidays, you can go to Paris, the city of love, which is around five hours away from Strasbourg.

Barcelona is in Spain.

This city is frequently picked for its mild winter weather, so you will be able to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the city's notable architectural landmarks.

You should absolutely go to Fira de Santa Llucia, which dates back to 1786 and is the oldest and most important Christmas market in the entire 27-nation region. At this market, which opens on November 30, all Barcelona residents can get their ornaments and multiply the Christmas magic.

We recommend visiting the Belen viviente de Corbera de Llobregat, which is only 30 minutes away from Barcelona.

Spain, Malaga

With fantastic warm weather, rich and authentic culture, as well as tradition and shopping for people who appreciate these activities, the city has created a name for itself as one of the world's trendiest locations.

Malaga boasts various Christmas markets decked with high-quality Christmas lights to enjoy in the evenings, while you may lounge on the beach during the day.

Denmark, Copenhagen

The Christmas season is all about spending time with family and friends, eating, and shopping. During this time of year, Copenhagen, namely the Tivoli Gardens, is ideal for shopping. As the city contains one of the world's oldest amusement parks, the ambiance is cosy, with tonnes of handcrafted souvenirs, excellent roasted nuts smells, and small rides drawn by reindeer.

The Tivoli's winter season is particularly essential for Danish citizens to celebrate Christmas. It is one of many possibilities in town and is open from November 19 till the end of the year.

The Dutch city of Maastricht

The most enjoyable activity in the Dutch town is skating on the big rink of Magical Maastricht, which is a one-of-a-kind experience. This light trail can lead you to sites like Wyck and Jeker Quarter. Stoop waffles and fries are popular here, and you can also see many cultural and historical treasures.

The city also includes a lot of exciting activities and attractions for youngsters, making the experience much more heartwarming. Maastricht's Christmas market is open from November 26 to December 31.

Netherlands, The Hague

If you visit the Netherlands, you must attend the Royal Christmas Fair in the Hague, one of the country's largest markets that will put you in the Christmas spirit. The city is brimming with gifting alternatives for your loved ones, as well as beautiful decorations and delectable food such as mugs of hot chocolate or Gluhwein, the mulled wine that is a must during this time of year.

With all of great landscape, you should have a very merry Christmas in the Dutch city.

Poland, Gdansk

Gdansk, Poland, can easily claim the most romantic Christmas market in Europe. The city has a specific arrangement for couples to sneak a kiss under the mistletoe, and folklore has it that those who kiss under the mistletoe will have a long and lasting love.

The city exudes a Christmas spirit to both residents and visitors, capturing their attention with fairytale-like landscapes.

Poland, Warsaw

With its gorgeous views and kind residents, Warsaw will make you fall in love with its Christmas market, which starts on November 25. Enjoy the vision of dazzling objects illuminated with Christmas lights while sipping mulled wine or eating a gingerbread treat. It is highly advised that you go Christmas shopping, where you can select from hand-decorated ornaments, caps, scarves, and woollen sweaters.

Slovenia, Ljubljana

Slovenia's capital, which translates as "beloved one," is a great place to visit if you want to avoid the rampant commercialization present in other places. The city is an environmentally friendly destination that focuses on supporting local companies, zero-waste products, and promoting wonderful Slovenian food.

The city's biggest Christmas market is held at Preseren Square, on the river, providing visitors with a romantic and unique view.

Slovenia, Radovljica

This Slovenian town is well-known for its atmospheric market, where visitors can partake in a variety of activities during this time. The Festive December begins at the start of the month and concludes on December 30, just before New Year's Eve.

As part of the Month of Taste Radoljica, guests can enjoy excellent food in local restaurants at the start of the Saint Nicholas fair. Later, there are celebratory programmes with various activities for children and families.

Norway's Tromso

This small town in Norway is renowned as the Christmas town because of its intense devotion to the celebration of this festival. The streets are festooned with Christmas lights, and marketplaces are brimming with various decorations and local goods.

You may go see reindeer if you want to take it a step further and make your trip even more wonderful.

Oslo (Norway)

If you visit Oslo this Christmas, two things are almost certain to happen: there will be snow and you will have a fantastic time in the city. Markets abound in Oslo's streets, where you may find sweet gifts for loved ones, ride a Ferris wheel, or go ice skating.

By visiting Oslo, you may learn how the residents celebrated Christmas in different ages, as well as attend Christmas decoration courses, which will teach you how to decorate and make gifts for your loved ones, adding to the wonderful mood of this holiday.

Slovakia, Bratislava

In Bratislava's main square, also known as Hlavne namestie, there is a wonderful dazzling Christmas tree and hundreds of cosy stalls selling decorations and excellent local cuisine specialties.

This attraction is dedicated to sustainability, including a Zero Waste Christmas Market, a Vegan Christmas Market, and a Christmas Market by Eurovera, representing a large shopping mall complex.

Czech Republic, Prague

The largest Christmas market is located in Old Town Square, which features exquisite wooden stalls between the church and the 15th-century astronomical clock.

The Christmas market is open from November 26 to January 6, and various entertaining activities will be hosted throughout this time, including events such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day, with free admission for all guests.

Czech Republic, esk Krumlov

This is one of the best day trips from Prague, with a view right out of a fairy tale. The Christmas market in esk Krumlov is hosted on Svornosti Square. There are other unique activities in the market, such as a Christmas post office, tour guides, and other Christmas-related events.

Other sites to visit during the Christmas season in Czechia include Karlovy Vary, Brno, Plzen, Olomouc, and Telc.

Croatia, Zagreb

The Croatian capital is ideal for thrill seekers and people who love highly regarded attractions. For three years in a row, Zagreb has been crowned the Best Christmas Market in Europe, and the city lives up to these accolades.

The Advent programmes are rich, interesting, and diverse, and the markets offer some of the most wonderful dishes prepared by locals.

Croatia, Dubrovnik

The city where Game of Thrones was filmed is magical in its own right. Every year, from November 26 to January 6, the Christmas Fair is open, and there are many handicrafts, ornaments, toys, embroidery, porcelain, candles, and glassworks can be discovered.

Christmas cookies and sweets, as well as candied orange peels and quince cheese sweets, are popular cuisine in the city. Visitors can listen to Christmas tunes when the Christmas Fair opens on Saint Nicholas Day, and they can enjoy a very typical Dubrovnik carol.

Sweden, Stockholm

Skansen, an open-air museum located in Stockholm's national city park, is a must-see for visitors. The Christmas market has a long history, dating back to 1903. Check out the stalls and enjoy some traditional Christmas food, while the kids may pet the resident animals in the craft studios.

Dottinghold Palace in Stockholm is another must-see, especially for people who appreciate traditional style and wealth.

Hungary, Budapest

Christmas carols in Budapest are a magical sight that everybody who is looking forward to the holidays will enjoy. The city has long been one of the most popular holiday destinations in the EU, with a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. In 2021, Budapest was the most popular destination for Americans and Britons, and the third most popular for Italians.

Visitors are promised a very Merry Christmas if they visit this city, and after nearly two years of no travel activity owing to COVID-19, visitors are urged and more than invited to engage in more travel.



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