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These three Schengen countries rejected the most short-term visas in 2021

Only three Schengen Area Member States are responsible for rejecting 66.5 percent of all short-term visa applications in 2021.

Out of the total 379,207 Schengen Visa applications denied by the Member States, excluding Croatia, which did not join the Schengen area until 2021, France, Germany, and Spain rejected as much as 252,522 applications.

In reality, France has the highest percentage of refused applications, having denied visas to 128,672 applicants out of the 652,331 applications received by its embassies worldwide in the same year, or more than 21% of them.

As a result, France will be the EU country with the most applications for short-term visas in 2021.

The second Schengen country with the most refused visa applications is Spain, which received 483,469 applications in total in 2021, becoming the second country with the most visa requests received.

Although Spain rejected a reduced percentage of applications, 15.5%, it is still the country with the biggest number of rejected visas, with as many as 69,863.

Germany is ranked third, having received 346,284 applications and rejecting 53,987 of them. According to Schengen Visa statistics, Germany ranks third in the world in terms of the number of applications lodged at its embassies.

While these three nations have the most rejected applications, the list alters when it comes to the Schengen countries that have rejected the greatest proportion of the applications they have received. In this regard, the following are on the list:

  1. Sweden rejected 30.6% of the 22,260 applications received, while Norway rejected 26.2% of the 9,895 applications received.

  2. France It rejected 21.1% of the 652,331 applications it received.

  3. Denmark turned down 21.1% of the 26,469 applications it received.

  4. Belgium rejected 20.4% of the 50,796 applications received.

This suggests that in 2021, the most likely nations to reject a Schengen visa were Sweden, Norway, France, Denmark, and Belgium.

In comparison, the nations with the fewest visa rejections are Luxembourg (29 out of 2,383 applications received), Slovakia (107 out of 3,886), and Iceland (259). (out of 2,735).

In terms of the lowest percentage of rejected applications, Luxembourg again leads the list with 1.2 percent, followed by Slovakia with 2.7% and Lithuania with 2.8% of the 24,764 applications processed.

When compared to 2019, before the Coronavirus epidemic, the number of Schengen visa applications lodged at Schengen embassies and consulates globally in 2021 has dropped by 83%.

Furthermore, the difference in the number of visa applications filed in 2021 vs 2019 is greater than the difference in the number of applications filed in the first year of the pandemic, 2020, and the previous year, when 82.7 percent fewer applications were filed.


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