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Rival Banks Poach Over 120 Senior Investment Bankers from Credit Suisse Amidst Takeover by UBS

Credit Suisse has witnessed a significant exodus of senior investment bankers as rival financial institutions seize the opportunity to attract experienced talent following UBS's takeover of the struggling bank.

Rival Banks Poach Over 120 Senior Investment Bankers from Credit Suisse Amidst Takeover by UBS

Reports suggest that Deutsche Bank has recruited around 40 former Credit Suisse bankers globally, Jefferies has brought on at least 25, and Santander has hired over 20. In addition, 16 other banks have made hires, with more expected in the coming weeks, primarily focusing on junior staff.

The rate of departures from Credit Suisse's investment bank has exceeded UBS's expectations, with rivals capitalizing on the situation to lure experienced bankers and their teams. This surge in departures poses a challenge for UBS, which had hoped to retain key Credit Suisse personnel. Analysts have projected that UBS could face up to $10 billion in restructuring costs over the next four years as a result of the $3.5 billion takeover.

While UBS aims to retain key talent, the lack of activity in the investment bank following the acquisition has prompted considerations of deeper cuts. As part of its restructuring efforts, Credit Suisse has already downsized its workforce from 52,000 to 42,000 employees. The combined entity, UBS-Credit-Suisse, could potentially slash up to 20,000 roles as it navigates the challenges associated with the integration and streamlining of operations.

The ongoing talent drain from Credit Suisse, coupled with the anticipated restructuring costs for UBS, underscores the complex landscape of the banking industry. As the industry continues to evolve, financial institutions must grapple with the delicate balance of talent retention and cost management in order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market.



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