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Pantheon Partners with iCapital to Expand Private Equity Access Globally

In a strategic move to broaden the reach of its private equity offerings, private market investment manager Pantheon has joined forces with fintech platform iCapital. This partnership aims to leverage iCapital’s advanced technology and structuring capabilities to distribute Pantheon’s open-ended private equity products through the wealth management channel.

Pantheon Partners with iCapital to Expand Private Equity Access Globally

The collaboration will see iCapital’s platform facilitating enhanced access to Pantheon’s evergreen solutions, including the firm’s first semi-liquid private equity offering available on an international scale. The initiative is particularly focused on regions with rising investor interest, such as Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia.


Victor Mayer, head of international private wealth at Pantheon, highlighted the strategic benefits of this partnership, stating, “iCapital’s global leadership in expanding the alternative investment marketplace makes it an excellent partner to bring our suite of products, providing access to high-quality, hard-to-access assets and fund managers, to a wider range of international investors.”

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Marco Bizzozero, head of international at iCapital, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the growing trend among wealth managers to prioritize private markets for enhanced diversification and superior returns. “With wealth managers globally increasingly making private markets a strategic priority as they seek enhanced diversification and superior returns for their client’s portfolios, iCapital is the trusted technology partner to asset managers expanding their offering to the growing pool of private wealth,” Bizzozero said.


By integrating iCapital’s innovative technology, Pantheon aims to meet the increasing global demand for diversified and flexible private equity solutions, thus enabling a broader spectrum of investors to access high-quality, exclusive assets.



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