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LinkedIn Reveals Fastest-Growing Professions in Europe: Insights and Trends

The job market in Europe is witnessing significant growth in various sectors, particularly in IT, sales, marketing, data, analytics, and sustainability, as revealed by LinkedIn, a renowned professional networking platform. Over the past five years, job skill sets have undergone a notable 25% transformation, with expectations for a 65% shift by 2030 globally, driven largely by the acceleration of artificial intelligence and automation, presenting both opportunities and challenges for professionals and organizations alike.

LinkedIn Reveals Fastest-Growing Professions in Europe: Insights and Trends

LinkedIn's "Jobs on the Rise 2024" report sheds light on the fastest-growing professions across several European countries, as summarized in the table below:


Fastest-Growing Professions


Sales Manager, Admissions Specialist, Energy Broker


Sustainability Manager, Cyber Security Analyst, Public Sector Consultant


Caseworker, Learning Specialist, Chief Commercial Officer


Business Development Representative, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Security Operations Center Analyst


Talent Acquisition Specialist, Data Steward, Product Analyst


Security Operations Center Analyst, Software Engineer Analyst, Sustainability Manager


Cyber Security Engineer, Sustainability Analyst, Growth Specialist


Financial Advisor, Human Resources Specialist, Artificial Intelligence Engineer


Sustainability Manager, Sales Development Representative, Underwriting Analyst

Remote job opportunities are abundant in roles such as software engineering analyst, sales manager, and energy broker, while positions offering high hybrid job availability, combining office and remote work, include caseworker, underwriting analyst, product analyst, and cyber security engineer. The median years of experience required for these roles vary, ranging from 1.7 to 6.8 years.


In addition to the fastest-growing occupations, has compiled a list of high-paying positions in Europe, including data scientist, financial director, business development manager, product manager, and project manager, all earning more than €5,000 monthly on average across Europe.

Furthermore, recent reports from the EU Report on the Quality of Life in European Cities highlight Luxembourg, Reykjavik, and Berlin as the top three European capitals with the highest job satisfaction. Notably, several German cities, including Berlin, feature among the top ten EU cities with the highest job satisfaction levels.

Moreover, individuals seeking to transition to a four-day workweek may find it noteworthy that several European countries already practice or are considering implementing this policy. Belgium and Iceland currently observe a four-day workweek, while France, Denmark, and the Netherlands boast some of the shortest working weeks in Europe.



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