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Launch of an event-driven fund by Neuberger Berman to combat market volatility

In the midst of corporate upheaval, Neuberger Berman hopes that their new Event Driven Fund can assist investors succeed.

The employee-owned investment management claims that a senior portfolio investing team with extensive experience will oversee their UCITS service.

According to Neuberger Berman, the fund is built to perform well throughout all market cycles, but especially during periods of market volatility.

The 83-year-old company, with offices in 26 countries and a workforce of over 2,600 people, plans to employ a multi-strategy approach with "robust risk management to minimise market beta and factor exposure".

It claims that by taking advantage of the mispricing that results from corporate transformation, such as the change from private to public ownership in IPOs, combined with mergers and acquisitions, this can produce absolute returns.

Along with six other seasoned investors, senior portfolio manager Joe Rotter will lead the fund, which will also receive assistance from the company's robust stock research division.

According to Rotter, "The last six months have seen investors flock to safety as geopolitics, inflation and rising rates continue to heighten volatility across markets."

"Through this event-driven UCITS fund, we can offer a unique approach to capturing absolute returns from ongoing swings in sentiment."

"As a client-focused firm, it is important we build on the depth and breadth of our team and provide solutions to the challenges our investors are experiencing at the time they most need it."

In high business activity scenarios, the investment managers will dynamically allocate money to the sub-strategies showing the highest risk-adjusted returns, according to the underlying strategy.

Any investment, however, is subject to risks, including counterparty, currency, derivatives, interest rate, liquidity, market, and operational risk, the firm has made clear.

"Investors are facing a turbulent period and are increasingly looking for true diversification within portfolios," said Jose Cosio, their head of global intermediary (formerly of the US).

"We are pleased to offer a strategy with market-neutral positioning and risk-adjusted returns managed by a deep bench of experts with varied backgrounds from hedge funds to investment banking."


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