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IRS-CI Chief Jim Lee Announces Departure: A Legacy of Leadership in Financial Crime Enforcement

IRS Chief Jim Lee has announced his intention to step down from his role, effective April 6, 2024. Lee, who has been leading IRS-CI since October 2020, is expected to transition to a position in the private sector. This decision comes at a time when Lee's leadership has been instrumental in navigating the complex landscape of financial crimes.

IRS-CI Chief Jim Lee Announces Departure: A Legacy of Leadership in Financial Crime Enforcement

One of Lee's initial engagements post-IRS will be as a speaker at the European Anti-Financial Crime Summit 2024 in Dublin on May 16. This summit, a significant event in the realm of financial crime prevention, will bring together experts from various sectors, including law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies.

Lee's departure will mark the end of an era at IRS-CI, where he has overseen a team of over 3,200 employees, including 2,200 special agents. Under his leadership, IRS-CI has tackled a wide range of financial crimes, including tax violations, money laundering, public corruption, cybercrime, identity theft, and terrorism financing.

Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as Chief, Lee acknowledged the dedication of his colleagues and the complexity of the financial crimes investigated by IRS-CI. He highlighted the agency's achievements in uncovering and dismantling criminal enterprises, including the shutdown of major darknet marketplaces and significant financial seizures.


Lee's leadership has also been marked by his involvement in international collaborations, such as the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement (J5), which focuses on combating transnational tax crime. He has received recognition for his contributions, including the prestigious 2023 Presidential Rank Award for Distinguished Service.

Commenting on Lee's departure, IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel praised his leadership and the impactful work of IRS-CI under his guidance. Lee's departure leaves a void in leadership within IRS-CI, with a successor yet to be named.

Lee's career trajectory, from special agent to Chief, reflects his dedication to public service and expertise in financial crime enforcement. His background in accounting has been instrumental in guiding IRS-CI's efforts to investigate and combat financial crimes effectively.

As Lee prepares to embark on the next chapter of his career, his departure marks the end of a distinguished chapter in IRS-CI's history. His legacy of excellence and dedication will continue to inspire future generations of leaders in the fight against financial crime.



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