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Hong Kong High Court Orders Liquidation of China Evergrande Group, Unraveling Global Property Dynamics

In a seismic development for the global property market, the Hong Kong High Court has given its approval for the winding-up of China Evergrande Group, heralding the largest liquidation case witnessed in the city and marking a critical juncture for the world's most indebted property developer.

Hong Kong High Court Orders Liquidation of China Evergrande Group, Unraveling Global Property Dynamics

The court's decision, granted by Justice Linda Chan, underscores Evergrande's inability to present a viable restructuring plan for its staggering $328 billion in liabilities, prompting the need for a comprehensive liquidation process. While the Guangzhou-based company retains the option to appeal the order, the provisional liquidators, to be appointed in a subsequent hearing, will take charge of Evergrande's management, oversee debt restructuring negotiations with creditors, and manage the company's assets.

Following the court's liquidation order, Evergrande Group experienced a drastic decline in its shares, plunging by 21% to 16.3 cents in Hong Kong. The appointment of provisional liquidators signifies a pivotal phase in Evergrande's trajectory, with their responsibilities encompassing critical aspects of debt resolution and asset management. However, the court order faces notable cross-jurisdictional challenges, given that a significant portion of Evergrande's assets is situated in mainland China. With over 1,200 projects at different stages, the fate of these developments and the impact on homebuyers remain crucial aspects.


The court's decision is emblematic of the challenges faced by Evergrande, a company that secured multiple extensions in its efforts to address its debt crisis. The failure to deliver on a promised debt restructuring plan played a decisive role in the court's verdict. The litigation leading to the liquidation order originated from Top Shine Global in June 2022, seeking to recover HK$862.5 million from an investment in Evergrande. The ensuing liquidation proceedings have far-reaching implications for creditors, shareholders, and the broader real estate landscape.

Evergrande's executive vice-president, Xiao En, expressed the company's commitment to ensuring normal operations in compliance with the law and protecting the rights of onshore and offshore creditors. The global market will closely monitor the actions and powers of the provisional liquidators, particularly in the context of their interactions with mainland China and the recognition they may seek from designated courts under the 2021 Arrangement regarding Cooperation on Cross-border Insolvency Cases. The evolving situation with Evergrande unfolds as a crucial chapter in the ongoing narrative of the global real estate and financial markets.



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