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Greece's tourism revenues will surpass 2021's budget by €3 billion by year's end.

By the end of this year, according to the Greek Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, travel-related earnings in Greece will be three billion euros higher than budgeted for.

The Minister emphasized in a statement released on November 24 that Fraport's airports saw an increase of +14.9 percent last month compared to October 2019. The third quarter of the year saw a 22.1 percent and 19.8 percent growth in the turnover of hotels and lodging, respectively.

The occupancy rate in lodging at trip destinations increased to extremely high levels, eventually reaching 100%.

In addition, Kikilias said, "I am happy because, in a very difficult period, we managed to support the average Greek family, not exclusively the professionals of the tourism sector, but also primary production, catering, trade, the construction sector, and short-term leasing."

He claims that the "Save-Operate" program will grant €100 million to help the proprietors of modest hotels and lodgings in mountain areas most impacted by the energy crisis. At the end of January of the following year, the contribution to "Tourism for all" will also come.

Minister Kikilias also highlighted that employing financial resources is a great potential for Greece, particularly for locations that are undiscovered and lack infrastructure, based on development initiatives and investments in the tourism sector.

The Ministry of Tourism is also funding numerous additional projects to upgrade the tourism industry's infrastructure, including those that deal with solid waste, water resources, traffic, electricity, better cruise allocation, and upgrades to ports, marinas, anchorages, and ski resorts.

The Ministry of Tourism has allotted €350 million for these projects and has already out a call for interest, as Kikilias says.

The Greek tourism industry has already generated more than €18 billion in income this year, the minister of tourism announced last week.

In this regard, he stated that the country's budget income from tourism was approximately €15 billion at the time, despite the Ukraine War and other other issues like the Pandemic, Inflation, and Energy Crisis that affected the nation and the world.

According to recent data from the Bank of Greece, travel services in Greece increased by €669.4 million in September. The same source also disclosed a cumulative rise of €14,128.2 million from January to September.



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