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German Government Extends Compassionate Visa Relief to Israelis Amidst Conflict

In the wake of the recent terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel, the German government has taken a compassionate stance by announcing temporary visa relief for citizens of Israel currently within the country. The German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community conveyed that, given the gravity of the situation, the obligation for a residence permit will be temporarily waived, allowing Israeli citizens to stay in Germany visa-free until April 26, 2024.

German Government Extends Compassionate Visa Relief to Israelis Amidst Conflict

The declaration, presented by German Minister of Interior Nancy Faeser, reflected the profound concern about the ongoing conflict and underscored Germany's unwavering solidarity with the people of Israel. Faeser acknowledged the deeply shocking nature of the terrorist attacks by Hamas on October 7th, affirming that Germany is committed to standing by the people of Israel during this challenging period. The minister reiterated the country's dedication to providing continuous support to those directly impacted by the conflict.

While standard regulations permit citizens of Israel to stay in Germany for up to 90 days within a 180-day period without a visa, the new measure, effective from January 26, 2024, to April 26, 2024, grants an exemption from the usual requirement for a residence permit, facilitating an extension of their visa-free stay.


Minister Faeser characterized Germany's decision as an act of "pragmatic and unbureaucratic help," specifically tailored to assist individuals navigating the challenges arising from the conflict. The overarching goal is to offer comprehensive support during this trying time and extend a compassionate gesture to those directly affected.

"This is pragmatic and unbureaucratic help for people we want to support in this difficult situation," emphasized Minister Faeser.

Germany has consistently demonstrated its support for Israel since the initiation of the attacks. In a recent development, the German state of Saxony-Anhalt introduced a requirement for citizenship applicants to affirm their recognition of Israel's right to exist. The state vehemently condemns any efforts aimed at undermining the existence of the country. This multifaceted approach underscores Germany's commitment to humanitarian considerations and diplomatic support during times of crisis.



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