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Gambling Will Not Be Legalized in Dubai

Unfortunately for all gamblers, Dubai's senior tourism official Issam Kazim declared that the Emirate has no immediate intentions to legalize gambling. This declaration comes after months of public rumors that the United Arab Emirates could think about legalizing gambling to compete with Saudi Arabia.

Gambling is still prohibited in the eyes of the law even if Dubai is an Emirate where the majority of hotels connected to casinos have been developed.

This implies that hotels and resorts in Dubai, such the opulent five-star beachfront hotel and resort owned by the tycoon of Caesars Palace, do not offer their casino services there. The MGM resort is no different; despite the fact that it is still under construction, it has made it plain that it will just need to offer hospitality services.

While all is going on, Wynn Resorts is getting ready to open its doors to gambling in the neighboring United Arab Emirates emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. So, can Dubai residents play at this resort, or are there other options?

Opening of Wynn Resorts in Ras Al Khaimah

One of the most well-known resort hotels in Nevada has begun the process of establishing a subsidiary in Ras Al Khaimah, one of the seven United Arab Emirates. According to projections, this resort will be much larger and more opulent than the one in Las Vegas.

The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah is the ideal location to build this resort, which is the inspiration for this attempt. "Given that it’s a man-made island without any existing development, it’s an incredibly flexible location on which to plan ," according to CEO Craig Billins.

The Wynn Resorts, which were first announced in early 2022, are anticipated to be completed by 2026. More than a thousand rooms, a shopping center, a spa, restaurants, lounges, and even a gaming area will be included.

All customers have received casino services from Wynn Resorts up until this time. There are still questions about whether this resort will welcome gambling fans from Dubai, given the tight gambling legislation in the UAE territory.

A casino that would run independently can be presented, although Billings stated that the area is a "tremendous non-gaming leisure and luxury market." The Emirate and Wynn both obtained gaming licenses in January 2022, but it was not clear whether this covered gambling.

Billings highlighted that all of these problems would be resolved starting in 2023.

Online gaming as an alternative

Gambling is prohibited in Dubai because it is a Muslim-run nation. Given that gambling is viewed as a sin in Islam, all nations in this region have strong laws and penalties in place regarding it.

There are still a few exceptions, though. For instance, horse racing is permitted in Dubai, where it also hosts the world's largest horse race competition, the Dubai World Cup. Brick-and-mortar casinos and online operators based in Dubai are subject to these stringent regulations when it comes to gaming.

However, the issue is different when it comes to online gambling at offshore sites because playing here can be feasible. Putting ethical standards aside, this part is not covered by the legal framework, therefore foreign-based operators cannot be subject to the same restrictions as those that apply to players from Dubai. You can go to Arabic Casinos to locate the top Arabic gambling destinations where residents of Dubai can experience the excitement of online gaming.

Will gambling ever have a place in Dubai?

Many gambling fans were dismayed by Issam Kazim's assertion that Dubai will not allow gambling. For those who wish to experience the pleasure of gaming, however, there is still some chance.

There are some viable options in the form of online gambling, while it is still unclear whether gamers from Dubai will be permitted to spin the reels in the Wynn Resort that is scheduled to open in Ras Al Khaimah in 2026.

Numerous online offshore casinos welcome players from Dubai and provide them the same benefits as other gamers. What remains to be seen is whether Dubai will be ready to welcome gambling wholeheartedly.

Given the amount of tourists it draws, some people believe that the Wynn Resort will encourage greater leniency in this topic throughout the entire UAE region. Officials in Dubai will consequently reconsider their choice as a result of this.



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