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Former PwC Partner Richard Gregg Files Defamation and Breach of Contract Suit Against PwC and Kristin Stubbins

Former PwC partner Richard Gregg has initiated a defamation and breach of contract lawsuit against PwC and ex-PwC Australia acting chief executive Kristin Stubbins. The claim, filed on Wednesday, May 29, alleges that statements made by PwC significantly damaged Gregg's reputation, causing him "substantial distress, embarrassment and hurt" as well as economic loss.

Former PwC Partner Richard Gregg Files Defamation and Breach of Contract Suit Against PwC and Kristin Stubbins

Gregg, previously a partner in PwC’s research and development team, contends that public statements by PwC falsely implicated him in the firm's ongoing tax leaks scandal. PwC Australia is accused of sharing confidential government information regarding future tax legislation with clients and partners for commercial advantage.

In his lawsuit, Gregg is seeking aggravated damages and compensation for economic loss due to the alleged defamation, in addition to damages for breach of contract. This legal action follows Gregg’s successful lawsuit against PwC last year, where he argued that the firm failed to adhere to proper procedures when attempting to terminate his employment.

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Gregg’s earlier proceedings, filed in the New South Wales Supreme Court, challenged PwC Australia’s recommendation that he retire. The court ruled in Gregg’s favor, finding that PwC had not adequately explained its reasons or how it arrived at them in the notice requesting his retirement, allowing Gregg to remain with the firm.

The current claim also details that on May 28 last year, Kristin Stubbins, then PwC Australia’s chief executive, placed Gregg on special leave pending an internal review. Gregg was instructed not to contact partners or staff, visit the premises, access computers, or communicate with the media.

The following day, Stubbins issued a statement announcing that PwC had launched an investigation into the tax leaks scandal and had stood down nine unnamed partners as a result. According to Gregg’s statement of claim, which was reportedly seen by the Australian Financial Review, this led to people approaching him to ask if he was one of the implicated partners.

Meanwhile, recent reports suggest that China is preparing to impose a record fine on PwC for its involvement in one of the country's largest alleged financial fraud cases.



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