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Eurogroup President Donohoe Calls for Enhanced Measures Against Financial Crime at European Summit

Eurogroup President Paschal Donohoe inaugurated the ‘European Anti-Financial Crime Summit 2024’ (EAFCS) with a call to action, stating that Europe "needs to do more" to combat "faceless" criminals. Emphasizing the need for enhanced measures, Donohoe shared insights from a recent Eurogroup meeting, highlighting the urgency of protecting business and society amidst growing challenges in the global banking sector.

Eurogroup President Donohoe Calls for Enhanced Measures Against Financial Crime at European Summit

Donohoe underscored the damaging impact of criminal gangs and the sense of "powerlessness" felt by victims. He remarked on the "faceless" nature of these perpetrators and welcomed the establishment of AMLA, expressing hope that collaboration between Europe and the global financial and security sectors would bolster efforts to combat financial crime. He stressed that the ultimate focus must be on "how we can detect and prevent financial crime."

"We are combating criminals and organizations that know no borders," Donohoe stated, highlighting the importance of the European Union's collective efforts. He advocated for "harmonization" and "coordination" to "reduce the ability of criminals and criminal organizations to exploit regulatory differences."

Addressing the evolving technological landscape, Donohoe emphasized the necessity of adapting to changes, particularly in relation to crypto assets service providers. He called for a regulatory environment robust enough to meet these growing challenges and identified AMLA as a crucial component in addressing these issues.

"I want to congratulate our German colleagues and friends for their successful campaign to make Frankfurt their new home," he said, acknowledging the significance of AMLA's establishment and the bids from Ireland and other European countries.

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Donohoe also paid tribute to women in the AML field, recognizing female leaders who participated in the Summit’s Women In FinCrime Breakfast, including Seana Cunningham, Director of Enforcement and Anti-Money Laundering at the Central Bank of Ireland; Chairman Simmons, a Financial Crime and Compliance Expert from SymphonyAI; Raluca Pruna, Head of Financial Crime Unit, DC FISMA at the European Commission; and Annika Agemans, Senior Legal Advisor at the Federal Public Service Finance Treasury. He extended congratulations to the new Financial Action Task Force (FATF) President, Elise de Anda Madrazo from Mexico, noting that her promotion highlighted "the impact that women are now leading our efforts in combating financial crime."

Donohoe also addressed the critical role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in financial crime prevention. While optimistic about AI's future applications in monitoring transactions and analyzing "vast amounts of data" to detect financial crime patterns, he stressed the importance of "human intervention and oversight" to ensure these tools are used appropriately.

Concluding his keynote address, Donohoe expressed his concern about fraud, sharing that many of his Dublin constituents had been "targets" of online fraudsters. He welcomed new initiatives to share fraud databases and acknowledged the vital work of state agencies, including the "hugely important" efforts of the Central Bank of Ireland, in tackling fraud.



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