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EU Maintains Schengen Visa Fees for Certain Countries Despite Increase

Beginning June 11, Schengen visa fees are set to rise by 12.5 percent for both adults and children, as confirmed by the Official Journal of the European Union on May 22.

EU Maintains Schengen Visa Fees for Certain Countries Despite Increase

Adults will now pay €90 instead of the previous €80, while fees for children will increase from €40 to €45. This change will apply to all visa applications submitted worldwide on or after June 11.


However, not all applicants will face these increased fees. Nationals of countries with visa facilitation agreements with the EU will remain unaffected, paying a fixed fee of €35.

This includes countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Cape Verde. Similarly, nationals of eight countries with visa-free agreements, such as Albania and Serbia, will also continue to pay €35, provided they do not possess biometric passports.


Children under 12 from countries facing increased fees due to non-cooperation with the EU on readmission will see a smaller increase, with their visa fees set at €45 instead of the higher adult rate. Meanwhile, children under six from these same countries will still be exempt from fees.

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Certain categories of applicants will remain exempt from visa fees altogether, including family members of EU citizens, holders of diplomatic passports, and students traveling for educational purposes. Additionally, representatives of non-profit organizations participating in specific events will also be exempt.


The decision on fee exemptions ultimately lies with the consulate where the application is made, ensuring that certain individuals are not burdened with visa costs despite the fee increases for others.




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