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EU and Kazakhstan Advance Talks on Streamlining Schengen Visa Process for Kazakh Citizens

The European Union (EU) and Kazakhstan have progressed discussions on visa facilitation for Kazakh citizens, marking a significant step in the country's efforts to streamline travel to the EU. Kazakhstan authorities have initiated the second round of consultations with the EU, aiming to simplify the Schengen visa application process for its citizens.

EU and Kazakhstan Advance Talks on Streamlining Schengen Visa Process for Kazakh Citizens

In a meeting between Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, Alibek Bakayev, and EU Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Kestutis Jankauskas, the prospect of holding the second round of consultations on Schengen visa facilitation was discussed. While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the topic was on the agenda, specific details regarding the timing of the second round were not disclosed.

The objective of these consultations is for Kazakhstan to secure an agreement with the EU that would enable its citizens to benefit from streamlined procedures when applying for a Schengen visa. Kazakhstan is advocating for reduced consular fees, extended validity periods for Schengen visas, and a reduction in visa processing time for its citizens.


In December of the previous year, Kazakhstan authorities highlighted the country's advancements and emphasized the commitment to addressing concerns related to irregular migration. Kazakhstan assured cooperation in the readmission of its citizens found irregularly staying in the EU.

Notably, Kazakhstan has consistently reminded the EU that it has allowed visa-free entry for EU citizens since 2017. However, Kazakhstan clarifies that it is not seeking a visa-free travel agreement at this point. The primary goal is to establish simplified procedures for Kazakh citizens to obtain Schengen visas.

In October 2023, the EU Council affirmed its dedication to enhancing cooperation with Kazakhstan, expressing strong support for the reforms undertaken by the country across various domains.

Similar to citizens from other countries requiring a visa to enter the Schengen Area, citizens of Kazakhstan must submit various documents when applying for a Schengen visa. These documents include proof of accommodation, a roundtrip itinerary, evidence of travel health insurance, and verification of sufficient financial means.

As discussions between the EU and Kazakhstan progress, the outcome of the consultations will shape the future visa application process for Kazakh citizens traveling to the Schengen Area.



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