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Deputy Minister Urges Cyprus Excellence Centers to Leverage Research for Funding

During a session of the House Committee on Commerce, the Deputy Minister of Innovation, Research, and Digital Policy, Philippos Hadjizacharias, urged the seven Centres of Excellence in Cyprus to direct their research efforts towards the market to secure funding. He emphasized the significance of these Centres in Cyprus, noting that the country hosts seven out of the 38 Centres operating in the European Union and highlighting their success in obtaining EU funding.

Hadjizacharias explained the government's commitment to funding these Centres, stating, "The government has committed to funding the seven Centres of Excellence with €15 million each, as per decisions of the Ministerial Council in 2014, 2016, and 2021." He also mentioned that each Centre receives an additional €15 million, resulting in a total budget of €30 million over a seven-year period.

"The scale of investment by the state is a significant responsibility for ensuring the effective operation and utilization of the Centres of Excellence for the benefit of the economy and social well-being," noted Hadjizacharias.

Representatives from the Centres of Excellence expressed concerns about securing additional funding and the challenge of attracting credible scientists due to limited resources.

Hadjizacharias assured the government's support for the Centres, stating, "The ministry has been and will continue to support the Excellence Centres through promotion, information sharing, and networking with policy-making and implementation bodies."

He emphasized the need for effective monitoring and guidance of the Centres based on government policy, economic needs, and addressing social challenges, highlighting their pivotal role in advancing research activity and the competitiveness of the economy.

Hadjizacharias also stressed the importance of these Centres channeling their research into the market to secure funding. He stated, "These actions would facilitate the commercialization of their outstanding research work and ultimately generate funds for their activities."

In response to questions from journalists, he acknowledged Cyprus's research challenges and outlined steps taken to address them, including collaborations with renowned international institutions. The call to leverage research for funding reflects the necessity to foster innovation and research in Cyprus while boosting the country's international competitiveness.



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