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Denmark Paves the Way for Short-Term Work: Comprehensive Regulations for Foreign Nationals Unveiled

In a significant development, Denmark has implemented a robust set of regulations to facilitate short-term work opportunities for specific categories of foreign nationals. The new regulations, which came into effect on November 17, streamline the process for individuals associated with foreign companies having affiliations with Danish entities boasting a minimum of 50 employees. The initiative is designed to enhance flexibility and ease of access for short-term employment in Denmark.

Denmark Paves the Way for Short-Term Work: Comprehensive Regulations for Foreign Nationals Unveiled

Under these groundbreaking rules, eligible individuals are permitted to engage in work in Denmark for two distinct periods within a 180-day timeframe. Each working period is limited to a maximum of 15 working days, with a mandatory stipulation that individuals spend at least 14 days outside Denmark between each working period. This targeted flexibility primarily benefits individuals involved in management roles or holding high/intermediate-level knowledge positions, fostering a conducive environment for their short-term contributions.

The regulatory adjustments go beyond mere procedural ease; they also delineate specific categories of foreign nationals exempt from the obligatory work permit requirement. These exemptions cover a spectrum of professional fields and circumstances. Diplomats, guest teachers engaged in short-term assignments, artists, musicians, performers, board members, and professionals on special work assignments fall under the umbrella of exemptions.


It's crucial to highlight that citizens of countries with visa requirements are still subject to obtaining a visitor’s visa. Additionally, individuals holding existing work permits limited to specific roles must navigate a separate application process if they intend to engage in sideline employment, such as teaching at a specific institution or working for a different company.

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) has further enhanced the application process. In a strategic move, SIRI now utilizes income information provided by the Confederation of Danish Employers to evaluate if the offered position aligns with Danish salary standards. This approach ensures a comprehensive assessment of the professional and financial aspects of the employment arrangement.

Denmark's comprehensive regulatory framework is a progressive step aimed at not only simplifying short-term work arrangements but also ensuring alignment with legal and professional standards. The initiative reflects Denmark's commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment for foreign talent contributing to its workforce.



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