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Cyprus Shipping Chamber Applauds Launch of EU Maritime Security Operation 'ASPIDES' in Red Sea

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber (Kne) issued a comprehensive statement on Tuesday, warmly embracing the formal initiation of the EU maritime security defense operation in the Red Sea, known as 'ASPIDES'. The chamber lauded the commencement of the operation, emphasizing its critical defensive mandate aimed at safeguarding commercial vessels in the region against potential maritime threats and attacks.

Cyprus Shipping Chamber Applauds Launch of EU Maritime Security Operation 'ASPIDES' in Red Sea

According to the chamber's announcement, the operation officially commenced on February 19, marking a significant milestone in bolstering maritime security in the Red Sea. Notably, key EU member states such as France, Germany, Italy, and Belgium have pledged their commitment to the mission by announcing their intention to deploy vessels. Additionally, Greece is poised to appoint a commander for its operational headquarters, while Italy and France will assume crucial leadership roles within the operation.

EU's chief diplomat, Josep Borrell, hailed the launch of the mission as a pivotal development in protecting the economic and security interests of both the European Union and the global community. Borrell's endorsement underscores the strategic significance of the ASPIDES operation in addressing escalating security challenges in the Red Sea region.


The Cyprus Shipping Chamber underscored the escalating risks faced by seafarers navigating the Red Sea on a daily basis. These risks not only endanger the lives of maritime personnel but also pose a direct threat to Europe's vital supply chain infrastructure and overall economic security. By championing the protection of key shipping routes and advocating for the preservation of the principle of freedom of navigation, the chamber highlighted the indispensable role of ASPIDES in safeguarding Europe's critical energy, food, and supply chains.

Furthermore, the chamber emphasized the imperative of maintaining a robust European presence in the Red Sea region to effectively address emerging security threats and ensure the safety and security of seafarers operating in the area. This proactive stance aligns with the chamber's commitment to promoting a secure and stable maritime environment conducive to sustainable economic growth and development.

In addition to endorsing the ASPIDES operation, the chamber voiced its staunch support for all concerted diplomatic efforts aimed at de-escalating tensions and resolving the underlying crisis in the Red Sea region. By advocating for diplomacy and cooperation, the chamber seeks to contribute to the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the establishment of lasting stability in one of the world's most strategically significant maritime zones.


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