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Cyprus Shipping Chamber Applauds Bangladesh's Ratification of Hong Kong Convention on Ship Recycling

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber (CSC) has expressed its appreciation for Bangladesh's ratification of the Hong Kong Convention on Safe and Environmentally Sound Ship Recycling. Bangladesh, known for its prominent ship recycling facilities, has become a significant contributor to meeting the requirements for the convention's entry into force. The ratification is expected to enhance global practices in safe and sustainable ship recycling, leading to positive impacts on human health, safety, and the environment.

Cyprus Shipping Chamber Applauds Bangladesh's Ratification of Hong Kong Convention on Ship Recycling

As the Hong Kong Convention comes into effect, the CSC is urging the European Union (EU) to establish harmonized ship recycling facilities that align with the convention. The chamber considers it crucial for the European Commission to include recycling facilities that meet the convention's requirements in the European list of approved facilities. This would ensure a level playing field for ships registered under EU states, which are now obligated to be recycled in a limited number of facilities listed by the EU. The current list is insufficient to meet the demand and geographical spread required by the shipping industry, which operates on a global scale.

The Hong Kong Convention, approved by the International Maritime Organization 14 years ago, aims to promote safe and environmentally friendly practices in ship recycling. By ratifying the convention, Bangladesh has demonstrated its commitment to advancing sustainable ship recycling processes. The Cyprus Shipping Chamber recognizes this as a significant step towards modernizing global ship recycling practices and emphasizes the importance of ensuring compliance with the convention's standards.

The implementation of the Hong Kong Convention and the establishment of harmonized ship recycling facilities in line with its requirements are vital for promoting a safer and more sustainable shipping industry. The Cyprus Shipping Chamber's call for the European Union to align its list of approved recycling facilities with the convention's standards reflects the need for comprehensive measures that address the environmental and safety challenges associated with ship recycling.



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