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Cyprus Aims to Strengthen Its Position as a Leading Maritime Hub in 2024

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Cyprus is set to strengthen its position as a prominent international maritime center in the coming year, according to Deputy Minister of Shipping Marina Hadjimanoli. She emphasized the ongoing enhancement of the competitiveness of Cyprus' shipping registry through fleet upgrades and service improvements, aimed at sustaining and attracting new vessels. Hadjimanoli outlined the overarching goal of improving Cyprus' global and European maritime ranking to boost the shipping industry's contribution to the local economy.

Cyprus Aims to Strengthen Its Position as a Leading Maritime Hub in 2024

Despite challenges in international shipping, such as sanctions against Russia, conflicts in the Middle East, and recent attacks in the Red Sea region, Hadjimanoli asserted that Cyprus' maritime foundations remain robust. She highlighted the ministry's targeted action plan, already prepared, to reinforce Cypriot shipping, expressing satisfaction with the efforts made and tangible outcomes achieved.

Hadjimanoli pointed out significant achievements, including the launch of the One Stop Shipping Centre, which provides quality services to shipping companies aligning their activities with Cyprus. Another notable success was Cyprus' re-election to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Council, enabling active participation in strategic decision-making processes.


The approval of the National Marine Spatial Plan, outlining spatiotemporal distribution for maritime activities in Cyprus' waters, was also highlighted. The plan aims to support sustainable development while considering economic, social, environmental, and cultural aspects.

Expressing optimism about achieving Cyprus' objectives, Hadjimanoli emphasized ongoing initiatives, including the full digitization of services by 2024. These efforts reflect the commitment to bolstering Cyprus' stature in global maritime affairs and maintaining its role as a significant and internationally recognized maritime player.


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