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Cypriot tech company automates the process of making investment decisions

AIRR, which specializes in solutions to automate the process of making investment decisions, was founded in Cyprus in 2019. The platform's functionality is robust and offers the standard set of capabilities used by professional investors, including investor onboarding, portfolio management, pipeline generation, reporting, and accounting.

The service provides a web portal that is multilingual and has an Android and iOS mobile application. AIRR is designed as an open integration platform that enables the integration of pre-made solutions in the investment management industry and the export of all data via APIs. More than 18 connectors are currently available, including those with Pipedrive, Salesforce, Xero, PowerBI, Qlik, and Docusign.

The service enables venture funds, private equity funds, and family offices to streamline the investment management process by providing a single SaaS solution. Based on a thorough understanding of the requirements of seasoned fund managers, the project was founded by partners of the global investment fund iTech Capital.

Users of the mobile application can track key performance indicators for each fund, assess return on investment, look back at a history of dividend payments, identify prospects in the pipeline, and quickly obtain information on portfolio firms.

Gleb Davidyuk, co-founder at iTech Capital, stated that there are "over 75 investors in our funds, the majority of whom have been actively investing in the technology sector for the past 10 years. During this time, we have accumulated vast experience in communicating with our partners and are well aware of all the typical pain points in this process. Automation, transparency, and control are the trends of today, and they are also coming to the private equity industry. Transparency of the process as a whole removes the risk of manipulation and makes the work of the fund manager more open."

"When it comes to live data, static pdf-reports are becoming less and less relevant as a means of providing information. New standards of communication with investors are emerging. Investors are used to dynamic exchange trading and consider private equity as another investment instrument requiring a modern real-time approach. AIRR mobile offers fund managers a new solution," according to co-founder Natallia Chykina.



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