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China and Brazil Emerge as Top Sources of Tourists to the EU in 2024, Survey Finds

Updated: Jun 21

Brazilian and Chinese travellers are poised to be the largest long-haul markets visiting Europe this summer, with 62 percent of Brazilian and 52 percent of Chinese respondents planning a trip.

China and Brazil Emerge as Top Sources of Tourists to the EU in 2024, Survey Finds

The findings come from the Long-Haul Travel Barometer (LHTB) report published by the European Travel Commission (ETC), which examines travel intentions from seven major overseas markets: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.


Travelers from the US and Canada display a more cautious attitude towards European travel, with slight increases in interest to 40 percent and 42 percent, respectively, compared to last year. Meanwhile, Australia and South Korea show moderate enthusiasm, with interest levels at 37 percent and 35 percent, respectively. The ETC survey also highlighted that Japanese citizens exhibit the least interest in traveling to Europe, at just 19 percent, reflecting a slow recovery in travel from this market. Additionally, younger travellers aged 18-24 and 34-49, along with those with the highest incomes across all markets, are driving the desire to visit the EU.

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Safety Remains a Key Factor for Choosing EU Destinations

Safety continues to be a critical concern for long-haul travellers, with 45 percent of respondents prioritizing EU destinations perceived as safe. Following safety, quality tourism infrastructure is important for 38 percent of respondents, while 36 percent are drawn to iconic monuments. Stable weather conditions are also a significant factor, with 31 percent of tourists considering it when choosing their destinations. Furthermore, one in five travellers prefers destinations with direct flights and good train connections.


Affordability remains a concern for 23 percent of respondents, although this has decreased from 32 percent last year. The survey also noted that 67 percent of long-haul EU visitors plan multi-country itineraries, and about 51 percent intend to use full-service airlines to travel across the continent.


International Travelers Favor Well-Known EU Destinations

For international travel within the EU, full-service airlines are the preferred choice for 51 percent of respondents. Budget-conscious travellers also favor low-cost airlines and one-way/return train tickets, with 29 percent and 24 percent, respectively. According to the survey, travellers prioritize familiarity when selecting specific destinations and experiences. Consequently, 61 percent of travellers opt for countries with well-developed infrastructure and popular attractions, while 39 percent express interest in exploring lesser-known places across the EU.


The comprehensive survey underscores the evolving preferences and concerns of long-haul travellers to Europe, highlighting the importance of safety, infrastructure, and iconic attractions in their travel decisions. As the travel landscape continues to recover and evolve, understanding these preferences can help better cater to the needs and desires of international tourists.





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