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Berlin Launches Online Citizenship Application Form to Simplify and Expedite Process

In an effort to streamline the citizenship application process, Berlin has introduced a new online form allowing foreigners to assess their eligibility and apply for German citizenship. Effective January 1, 2024, the State Immigration Office, LEA, has taken over the responsibility of assessing citizenship eligibility and receiving applications from the districts. Berliners who currently do not hold German passports can visit their local LEA's website, fill out the online form, and receive a personalized statement on their eligibility to apply for citizenship.

Berlin Launches Online Citizenship Application Form to Simplify and Expedite Process

As Iris Spranger, Berlin's Interior Senator, pointed out, the centralization of procedures aims to boost the naturalization rate in the capital. She stated, "Our goal is to noticeably increase the naturalization rate in Berlin. Recently, procedures in the districts have continued to pile up and the waiting times were clearly too long. This has put many people off. Centralization will give naturalization a new significance in our city."

The online form assesses applicants based on current citizenship rules, including a requirement of at least six years of legal residence in Germany, proficiency in the German language at the B1 level, and no history of claiming unemployment benefits. Once the form confirms eligibility, applicants can proceed to complete the necessary paperwork and submit documents through the website. The application fee through the new online system is €225 per person.


Spranger emphasized the importance of naturalization for social inclusion and participation, stating, "Only with naturalization is comprehensive social participation and involvement possible, for example, by participating in elections." The LEA will now be responsible for processing over 34,000 pending cases, primarily naturalization applications.

The move to digitize and centralize the citizenship application process aims to expedite procedures, reduce waiting times, and encourage more eligible individuals to pursue German citizenship in Berlin.


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