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Belgium Outlines Ambitious Agenda for EU Presidency: A Detailed Focus on Cooperation, Values, and Global Resilience

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Belgium is poised to assume the Presidency of the Council of the European Union on January 1, 2024, embarking on a six-month tenure until June 2024. With this being Belgium's 13th mandate, the presidency outlines a comprehensive agenda aimed at fortifying cooperation among EU member states, safeguarding European citizens, and advancing shared values.

Belgium Outlines Ambitious Agenda for EU Presidency: A Detailed Focus on Cooperation, Values, and Global Resilience

The Belgian presidency is strategically aligning its efforts across six main areas, placing a special emphasis on providing unwavering support to Ukraine amidst evolving geopolitical dynamics. Fundamental to its mission is the defense of core EU values, including the rule of law, democracy, and unity, in the face of contemporary challenges and rapid technological advancements.

Belgium's commitment extends to ensuring the enduring competitiveness of the European Union. The presidency is committed to fostering a sustainable, innovative, and resilient digital ecosystem designed to benefit both citizens and businesses. A noteworthy commitment is the continued dedication to the EU's ambitious Green Deal, with a focus on energy and climate transition.

In the realm of social rights, Belgium's presidency aims for the creation of an inclusive, gender-equal, and fair European society. Key initiatives include strengthening social dialogue, promoting fair labor mobility, ensuring sustainable social protection, and addressing mental health concerns in the workplace. Additionally, the presidency strives to provide affordable and decent housing for all and evaluates the EU's crisis preparedness, particularly in the context of health.


The legislative landscape related to the new EU pact on migration and asylum will be a crucial focus, aiming to enhance trust among member states, offer legal clarity to arrivals, and ensure humane and effective migration management.

Belgium also advocates for a proactive approach to bolstering the EU's resilience and autonomy on the global stage. Essential components of this strategy include fostering dialogue, maintaining openness, and promoting cooperation to safeguard the interests of the EU.

As Belgium's term concludes, Hungary is poised to take over the Council's presidency from July to December 2024. The Belgian presidency is committed to supporting a seamless transition to the next institutional cycle, contributing to the adoption of the Strategic Agenda 2024-2029, and actively participating in discussions on the future of the European Union.


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