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Barclays Account Linked to Hamas Fundraising Frozen by Israeli Authorities

In a recent development, a bank account at the British banking giant Barclays has been frozen by Israeli police due to its alleged connection to fundraising activities for the Palestinian militant group Hamas. According to the Israeli police statement, the account's details were published by Hamas with the intent of receiving donation funds.

Barclays Account Linked to Hamas Fundraising Frozen by Israeli Authorities

This action comes in the wake of an unexpected and well-coordinated attack by Hamas on Israel last Saturday, marking one of the most serious escalations in the Israel-Palestinian conflict in recent years. The Israeli police disclosed that their cyber unit cooperated with British police to freeze the Barclays account linked to Hamas.

However, both Barclays and the London Metropolitan Police have chosen to remain silent on the freezing of the account and have refrained from confirming the details mentioned in the police statement.

In addition to the Barclays account freeze, Israeli authorities have taken measures to freeze cryptocurrency accounts that were allegedly being used to solicit donations for Hamas, as stated in the official police release.

The move to freeze these financial assets is part of a broader effort by Israeli authorities to curtail the financial resources available to Hamas, which is designated as a terrorist organization by multiple countries. Such actions are aimed at preventing the flow of funds that could potentially be used for activities detrimental to regional stability and security.



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