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AXA IM certifies gender diversity

Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) Move certification has been awarded to AXA Investment Managers by the EDGE Certified Foundation.

Initiated during the 2011 World Economic Forum, the foundation intends to monitor, accelerate, and certify gender and intersectional workplace justice.

The accreditation was given in honour of AXA IM's efforts to promote gender equality in the workplace.

AXA IM obtained the EDGE Assess certification in 2018, followed by the EDGE Move certification, the second of three current certifications.

As part of the certification process, AXA IM was required to commit to an action plan that demonstrates how the firm would continue to close the gender gap in its talent pipeline.

Once deployed, the company may earn the highest possible EDGE Lead level.

The Lead category specifies that an organisation must have achieved gender parity in its talent pipeline, gender pay fairness, an effective framework of rules and procedures, and an inclusive workplace culture for both men and women.

Frédéric Clément, global head of human resources at AXA IM, said: “We are proud of this new level of EDGE certification, as we always aim to genuinely act on our convictions and make progress towards inclusion and diversity.“

We acknowledge we have to remain humble as there is of course still room for improvement, and we’ll continue to set clear and quantifiable goals.”

AXA IM added a portfolio manager and solutions strategist to their global credit team in the middle of June 2022.


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