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Aviva improves ESG tool

Aviva has modified the ESG Profiler tool on its Aviva Advised platform in order to assist investors with their sustainability-related decisions.

The ESG Profiler now provides a printable customer report to aid advisers who wish to include ESG considerations into client engagements. Aviva is also adding a preference category for air pollution to the site. This brings the total number of ESG choices to nine, including climate change, women in leadership, water security, waste, deforestation, human rights, recycling, and corporate governance.

Aviva modified the application in response to user comments suggesting that advisers might benefit from the ability to produce a client report to share with their clients.

Al Ward, head of platform at Aviva, said: “Our recent research with The Lang Cat showed that, although over a third of advisers say that adding value to their relationships with their clients is the biggest motivating factor in having ESG discussions, 48% of advisers do not conduct these retrospective reviews. “

Using the ESG Profiler with this output is a smart approach to facilitate these discussions and offer value to both existing and new connections."

Released in October 2021, the platform compares customer assets to independent ESG measures and enables advisers to recommend alternatives.

The preferences tool enables advisors to generate a report centred on a client's ESG preferences as well as monitor the entire carbon footprint of their goods.

In addition, Aviva's sustainability strategy led to the hiring of Sam Tripuraneni as director of sustainable outcomes in May 2022.

Tripuraneni is in charge of the company's stewardship and sustainable outcomes franchises, which include the climate transition, social transition, and natural capital transition suite of products.



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