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Amati Global Investors announces an innovation fund

Amati Global Investors is prepared to create a fund that will target industry-leading innovators.

The TB Amati Strategic Innovation Fund, a sub-fund of the TB Amati Investment Funds, will concentrate on high growth and high value possibilities, according to the company.

According to the company, the strategy would shield investors from the volatility shown in growing industries over the last year. The portfolio will comprise of 30 to 50 firms across all market capitalizations and industries, with a potential tilt toward technology, healthcare, and industrials. No sector will account for more than fifty percent of the portfolio's entire value.

The fund will be managed by Mikhail Zverev, Graeme Bencke, and Dr. Gareth Blades and will reside in the IA Global sector. Using the MSCI ACWI index as its benchmark, the Strategic Innovation fund will incur an annual expense ratio of 1 percent.

This OCF is capped and consists of a 0.10 percent research fee and a 0.75 percent yearly management charge that is also capped. Amati founder and CEO, Dr Paul Jourdan, added: “Innovation can be a significant differentiator to the success of any business, and it has been frequently under-valued by investors."



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