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ACMA Blocks Five Unlicensed Online Gambling Sites in Australia

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has expanded its list of blocked unlicensed online gambling websites by adding five more sites to the roster.

ACMA Blocks Five Unlicensed Online Gambling Sites in Australia

The ACMA has requested that internet service providers block access to the following illegal gambling websites:

  1. Viperspin

  2. Just Casino

  3. Betandplay

  4. Play Fina

  5. Comic Play Casino

An investigation found that all five websites were in violation of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. This move is part of the ACMA's ongoing efforts to combat unlicensed online gambling in Australia. Since November 2019, the ACMA has blocked access to 835 websites, and records show that approximately 215 unlicensed gambling businesses have withdrawn from the Australian market since 2017.

This action by the ACMA follows the recent launch of BetStop, Australia's first nationwide self-exclusion program for gamblers. The program allows Australians to self-exclude from all licensed online and telephone-based gambling services across the country.

Australia currently has the highest gambling losses per person globally, with an average of approximately AU$1850 ($1200/€1210) per year.

The ACMA continues its efforts to protect Australian consumers from the risks associated with illegal online gambling and encourages individuals with gambling problems to seek help and support.



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