Beanstalk and A Game Above launch new tool targeting illegal gambling threat


Player protection company Beanstalk has formed a joint-venture with A Game Above to launch a tool designed to help governments and regulators block access to unlicensed gambling.

Yield Sec, the technical and advisory solution produced by customer experience specialists A Game Above, will allow regulatory bodies to monitor, police and enforce the regulated gambling marketplace, to help with player protection.

The tool is believed to have the world’s largest real-time database of black market sites, allowing it to remove the illegal market influence by blocking and removing access to black market sites, aimed to become “the catalyst for a truly level, licensed playing field” in the industry.

The product, part of a joint-venture with Beanstalk, the makers of gambling blocking software Gamban, will remove the easy availability those struggling with gambling related problems and minors, can have to the illegal market.

A Game Above CEO Steen Madsen, said: “The operation of a sustainable marketplace, with cared-for customers and practically excluded minors and at-risk audiences, whilst raising valuable taxation revenues for society, predictably, is the perfect way to support our shared mission across A Game Above and Beanstalk: the customer experience.”

Beanstalk co-founder and director Jack Symons, added: “Across most markets today, those at risk of gambling-related harm do not know where to effectively turn when facing a problem. Yield Sec will achieve this and provide for meaningful player protection.”



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