Swamp the stock market – Invested institutions are waiting… for new investors not coming


At the moment there are no investors, so the existing ones will have to be patient for weeks… .waiting for the next ones.

Why did the Greek stock market falter?
For almost 7 months, the Greek stock market has been in a state of inactivity, low turnover, investment indifference, an image of devaluation.
This image of devaluation is diametrically opposed to the course of the pandemic that is improving, albeit slowly in Greece.
GDP is growing at a rate of 7.5% for 2021 and 16.2% for the second quarter of 2021.
Banks’ NPEs have improved significantly.
While there is positive news and improvement on many fronts, the Greek stock market did not react, on the contrary, it swam as if it was not excited about what has happened.
Internationally there is a concern about a possible correction in the stock markets, inflation and the energy crisis are troubling but still do not explain this stagnation.
They certainly justify it in a shallow, indifferent investment stock market like the Greek one but in practice we have to see something else, to approach an issue differently…

The main Greek and foreign investors are already in place

Recently bankingnews reported that we observe CVC appearing in a number of investments and being a candidate suitor in many projects in Greece.
This on the one hand is positive but on the other negative, because it shows that there are not many foreigners to invest in Greece.
With the recent capital increases in the banks and finally in PPC, the stake is that Greek investors are already positioned.
Foreign funds are also listed on the Greek stock exchange, there is no other money to be placed.
In a normal market, the already placed investors would expect a big catalyst to create a new big upward wave, pushing new investors to invest in Greece.
New investors would give a new impetus to the stocks of banks and companies in the stock market and so today’s invested investors would find the opportunity to sell with their liquidity, either to be reinstated or to wait for some correction.
These are the basic rules of the stock market, the existing key investors are waiting for the next ones to create a rally, so that the current ones come out at higher prices…
In the absence of new investors and in the absence of strong catalysts He was waiting for… so that the next foreign investors would come who would raise the Greek stock market higher.
At the moment there are no investors, so the existing ones will have to be patient for weeks… .waiting for the next ones.
One of the reasons that the Greek stock market is unclaimed is this…

Source: https://www.bankingnews.gr/

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