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Your Comprehensive Guide to Attending the 2024 Olympics in Paris

In a historic moment, the 2024 Olympics are set to return to the vibrant city of Paris, exactly 100 years after the last event was held in the French capital. Anticipation is high, with millions of spectators expected to flock to the city to witness the grandeur of this global sports extravaganza. Scheduled to kick off on July 26 and conclude on August 11, there are approximately 198 days left until the opening ceremony.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Attending the 2024 Olympics in Paris

Event Overview

With a duration of 17 days, the 2024 Olympics in Paris will showcase 40 sports, featuring the participation of around 10,500 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs). Following the main event, the Paralympics will take place from August 28 to September 8, adding an extra layer of international competition.

Visa Requirements

For attendees from 109 countries, including major nations like China and India, obtaining a Schengen visa is a prerequisite for entry into France. To navigate the visa application process smoothly, it is advisable to initiate the procedure at least three weeks prior to the planned travel date. Necessary documentation includes a valid passport, passport-sized photos, travel insurance, flight itinerary, accommodation proof, and bank statements.

Digital Visa Processing

In an innovative move, France has implemented a new digital system for processing visa applications specifically for the 2024 Olympics. Athletes, officials, and journalists holding a valid multiple-entry Schengen visa are exempt from the additional requirement to apply for a French Schengen visa, streamlining the process for over 70,000 expected attendees.


Ticket Information

With over 400,000 tickets available for various sports, the pricing structure varies based on the specific event. It is recommended to secure tickets in advance, as prices tend to be more favorable. Approximately two-thirds of the tickets are priced under €100, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of attendees.

Travel Insurance

Given the unpredictability of travel, especially during major events, securing travel insurance is a prudent decision. Reputable providers like AXA Travel Insurance, Europ Assistance, Allianz Travel Insurance, Mondial Care, Mutuaide, and DR-WALTER offer comprehensive coverage, allowing attendees to enjoy the Olympic experience with peace of mind.

Accommodation & Transportation

As demand for accommodations is expected to be high, early booking is advisable. However, Parisian hoteliers have expressed concerns over a recent announcement by the French government to triple the tourist tax during the Olympics. Transportation costs, including metro tickets, are projected to increase to cover the expenses associated with expanding the transport network for the event.

Cultural Etiquette

Familiarizing oneself with French cultural norms is essential for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Learning basic French phrases can contribute to effective communication and interaction with locals.

Covid-19 Protocols

In the current global landscape, it is crucial to stay informed about Covid-19 protocols and entry requirements. Regularly checking for updates on health and safety guidelines will ensure compliance with any evolving regulations. Additionally, considering travel insurance that covers unforeseen circumstances, including those related to the ongoing pandemic, is a wise precaution.

As Paris gears up to host the Olympics once again, attendees can enhance their overall experience by addressing key aspects such as visas, tickets, accommodations, and cultural considerations. Thoughtful planning and preparation ensure that participants and spectators alike can savor the magic of the 2024 Olympics in the enchanting City of Lights.



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