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What are the similarities between NFTs and gaming?

If there is one topic that appears to be receiving a lot of attention in the media right now, it is NFTs. A non-fungible token (NFT) has a unique serial number and cannot be subdivided.

What makes an NFT valuable? Even if two NFTs tokenize the identical object, they will remain distinct. Unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you cannot just swap one NFT for another and have the same value.

NFTs are having a significant impact on a variety of businesses, one of which is the gaming industry. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know.

Creating NFTs from in-game items

Some cryptocurrency aficionados predict that the future of in-game economics will involve the conversion of in-game products like character skins or weaponry into NFTs. They believe that NFTs will provide actual ownership, allowing people to resell in-game objects they no longer want.

Some users have also claimed that NFT stuff, including characters, can be moved from one game to another.

But, of course, nothing is certain. Just because you own an NFT for as long as you like does not imply it will preserve its in-game value. There is always the possibility of danger. However, it is undoubtedly intriguing to watch where this field will go in the future.

Developing a distinct personality

Both NFTs and games capitalise on the fact that we enjoy the chance to enter another world and become someone else. More and more games allow players to design and customise their in-game characters.

This is something that NFT games support. They go a step further, though, in that you can also own your character. This means that no one else will be able to have the same personality as you.

Martha Reyes, the chief of research at Bequant, a prime brokerage and digital asset exchange platform, has commented on this:

"NFT purchases allow the user to buy their own character, which is either exclusive to them or widely available to the rest of the ecosystem."

"Rather than being determined by the developers, this allows users to play as whatever they want, providing them more flexibility in the game worlds."

Value-added training

When gamers play a game, they embark on a trip. Their character does not begin perfectly. Progress and progress are required. The same can be stated for NFT games, ensuring that everyone can participate. Powerful characters would otherwise be reserved for individuals with a lot of money to spend.

This is something Reyes has also fully explained:

"In games like Blockchain Cuties, users may train and enhance their existing characters to make them more strong in the game and valuable on the market."

"This means that the training process can actually increase the value of the player's NFT, allowing them to make more money when they sell it."

"This also ensures that the wealthiest players cannot just buy their way to success, while less experienced players must work their way up the gaming ladder."

NFTs and gaming: an intriguing world

So there you have it: an understanding of how the worlds of NFTs and gaming are effectively clashing. This is an area that will only grow in interest, with several options for gamers to create NFT characters that they own and can improve.



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