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Waterhouse VC Analyzes the Potential of Crypto Wagering

In his latest column, Tom Waterhouse discusses the rapid growth and opportunities presented by cryptocurrency wagering in the betting industry.

Waterhouse VC Analyzes the Potential of Crypto Wagering

He highlights that crypto wagering has become the fastest-growing segment of the wagering industry and mentions specific online crypto operators that have experienced substantial growth and gained global recognition, such as and

Waterhouse notes the significant revenue potential in the online betting industry, which generated around $58.2 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach approximately $145.6 billion by 2030. He predicts that the majority of industry growth will be driven by the increased penetration of crypto betting. is highlighted as a leading player in the crypto wagering space, with a monthly turnover of $2.7 billion. This figure is compared to the average monthly turnover of $1.2 billion for Australia's largest operator, demonstrating the significant market presence of crypto betting platforms. has also formed strategic partnerships with renowned football clubs like Southampton, Arsenal, and São Paolo, further solidifying its brand and expanding its reach.

The advantages of cryptocurrency in wagering are discussed, including its ability to facilitate quick and low-fee transactions compared to traditional methods. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are specifically mentioned as cryptocurrencies that enable near-immediate payouts, operational cost savings, and enhanced user experiences for crypto wagering businesses.

Waterhouse emphasizes that crypto wagering operators like and BitStarz Casino have excelled in delivering superior user experiences, surpassing traditional fiat operators in terms of innovation and customer focus. These operators regularly introduce new games and maintain their own unique offerings, attracting customers with larger bonuses, better odds, and reduced transaction costs compared to fiat operators.

The article also mentions the existing platforms for fiat operators, such as Kambi, SBTech, Entain, OpenBet, Amelco, and Aspire Global, while highlighting the limited number of platforms specifically built for crypto operators. Waterhouse suggests that there are opportunities for cutting-edge back-end platforms tailored to the needs of crypto wagering operators. These modern platforms should seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency payment options, support various wagering functionalities, and prioritize cryptocurrency as a fundamental part of their technological infrastructure.

Waterhouse VC, the investment firm led by Tom Waterhouse, identifies Sanco Technology as an exciting opportunity in the crypto wagering sector. Sanco Technology is currently raising funds to develop its platform, which aims to provide "plug & play" crypto integration functionality and cater to emerging crypto wagering operators globally. The platform's modular design allows operator clients to customize the platform according to their specific requirements, providing flexibility and scalability.

In conclusion, Tom Waterhouse's column explores the growth potential of cryptocurrency wagering, highlighting successful crypto betting companies and the advantages they offer. He discusses revenue projections for the online betting industry, the benefits of cryptocurrency in wagering, the need for specialized platforms for crypto operators, and the investment potential in companies like Sanco Technology.



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