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VanEck launches a themed ETF that targets cutting-edge healthcare.

The VanEck Genomics and Healthcare Innovators UCITS ETF has been introduced by VanEck on the Xetra Stock Exchange in Germany and the London Stock Exchange.

Two of the "most important" sectors in the advancement of healthcare are genomics and digitalization, which investors may invest in through the new ETF.

The ETF follows the MVIS Global Future Healthcare ESG Index, which analyzes the performance of firms contributing to genetic or digital applications in healthcare.

A number of VanEck-identified categories are required for businesses to produce at least half of their revenue in:

• Medical treatments utilizing mRNA or targeted modifications to cellular genetic material

• Technology platforms that allow for the creation of genetically-based medical therapeutics.

• Tools or services used in laboratories to test, program, or create health treatments based on genetics

• Applications for online medical consultations

• Online drugstores

• Applications for managing patient records or medical procedures

• IoT medical ambulatory gadgets

The genomics sector, which focuses on important issues including the treatment of congenital illnesses, aging, and cancer, is still in its infancy.

According to Martijn Rozemuller, CEO of VanEck Europe, "genetic treatments, which have once been considered experimental and expensive, are becoming more affordable and common."

Rozemuller also pointed out that over the past two years, digitalization has exploded in the healthcare sector, which had been slow to adopt IT solutions before the epidemic.

"Face-to-face meetings with patients were no longer an option, and digital solutions were able to prove their everyday viability in the healthcare industry. So far, however, digital solutions are still far from widespread. We assume that there is still room for further growth," he stated.

The accumulating VanEck Genomics and Healthcare Innovators UCITS ETF is rebalanced every two years and has a total cost ratio of 0.35%.



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