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Top-Performing Funds in H1 2023: Technology Sector Leads with 24.83% Growth

FE fundinfo has released a list of the best-performing funds and sectors for the first half of 2023, providing valuable insights into the top performers in key Investment Association universes.

Top-Performing Funds in H1 2023: Technology Sector Leads with 24.83% Growth

According to information sourced from FE Analytics, the Technology & Technology Innovation TR sector emerged as the leader, delivering a remarkable 24.83% performance. This impressive growth was primarily attributed to the AI revolution driving advancements in the sector.

Among the standout performers, the Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities secured the top spot in the Sterling Strategic Bond universe, with a notable 4.34% return. In the global equity realm, the L&G Artificial Intelligence fund outshone its peers, boasting an impressive 36.25% return, reflecting the growing interest and opportunities in artificial intelligence investments.

Emerging markets also witnessed remarkable performers during the first half of 2023. The Artisan Emerging Markets fund topped the charts with a commendable 14.03% return, while the UK All Companies universe saw the Liontrust UK Focus lead with a solid 12.86% return.

Comparing this year's top sectors with those of the first half of 2022, it becomes evident that there have been shifts in market dynamics. In 2022, the top sectors were Commodity/Natural Resources and UK Direct Property, delivering performances of 6.81% and 5.33%, respectively. The changes in the best-performing sectors highlight the ever-evolving nature of the investment landscape.

FE Analytics, known for providing fund research and analysis, has gained the trust of approximately 4,000 independent financial adviser firms, according to FE fundinfo. The insights delivered by FE Analytics shed light on the outperformers in various investment universes, helping investors and financial professionals make informed decisions.

Charles Younes, the head of manager selection at FE Investments, expressed his observations on the first half of 2023, stating that the top-performing funds consistently demonstrated expertise in their respective investment categories. These funds showcased strong performance, robust strategies, and the ability to generate substantial growth for investors.

The data from FE fundinfo serves as a valuable guide for investors seeking to make informed choices and capitalize on the best-performing funds and sectors during the first half of 2023. With the investment landscape continually evolving, the insights provided by FE Analytics can prove instrumental in optimizing investment strategies and maximizing returns.



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