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TikTok Halts New Features Amid EU Inquiry and U.S. Ban Bill

Amidst mounting regulatory scrutiny, social media giant TikTok has announced the suspension of new features in response to inquiries by both the European Commission and the U.S. government. The European Commission's investigation focuses on TikTok Lite's compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA) in France and Spain, particularly concerning its reward program, which allows users to earn points for various platform activities.

TikTok Halts New Features Amid EU Inquiry and U.S. Ban Bill

Under the DSA, large online platforms must conduct thorough risk assessments before introducing new features, especially those with potential addictive effects. TikTok's decision to suspend the rewards function in TikTok Lite comes after the Commission expressed concerns about its compliance with these regulations.

In a statement on X, formerly Twitter, TikTok emphasized its commitment to engaging constructively with regulators, stating, "We are therefore voluntarily suspending the rewards functions in TikTok Lite while we address the concerns that they have raised."


This development follows the European Commission's earlier probe into TikTok's alleged addictive design and data privacy issues for minors, marking ongoing regulatory challenges for the platform in the EU.

TikTok's Chief Executive, Shou Zi Chew, has been actively addressing global scrutiny, including responding to the U.S. ban bill recently signed into law by President Joe Biden. Chew defended TikTok's data security efforts, citing investments worth "billions of dollars" to safeguard user data and maintain the platform's integrity, echoing similar statements made during congressional testimony in March 2023.

Despite these efforts, concerns persist over TikTok's data security and privacy practices, prompting regulatory actions not only in the EU and the U.S. but also in other regions. In Kenya, for instance, the government has opted for regulatory measures instead of an outright ban, indicating a broader trend of governments seeking to address concerns surrounding social media platforms through regulatory frameworks.



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